About Me

Hi, I’m Albert, employed, an adventure seeker, traveler and a mountaineer. DSC02190

I consider myself as a late bloomer since I started my adventure activities at my golden age, but still believed and proved that I can manage to travel alone in any kind of weather, in any place, in any scale of difficulties be it, in the sea, land or mountain.

During my younger days, I already roamed around the country as a part of my job, but never know the meaning of adventure or explore, where internet and mobile phone was not yet exist.

I am not gifted, probably I am obsolete, including my English grammar and comprehension, but I refuse to remain ignorant and ineffective at my age and be aware to be useful for the rest of my life.

I feel a sense of urgency to discover and experience more around in every little space
of every corner or over the next hills and mountains and those under the seas.

I am travelling mostly on budget to encourage more people to travel and discover the country, Philippines, in the easiest and cheapest way.

Our country is composed of 7, 100 interesting islands with different cultures, languages, foods, history, facts and collections, having unique characteristic and identity that are still waiting to be explore and share to other people all over the world…