A Glimpse of Abra


Abra Province is surrounded with natural wonders, such as prehistoric caves, stunning water falls, pristine rivers, natural springs, serene landscape, forest mountains and rolling hills.

Abra Province is a landlocked province of the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. The capital is Bangued. It hemmed by the towering mountain ranges. Its borders are Ilocos Norte on the north,  Ilocos Sur and Mountain Province on the south. Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur on the west, and Kalinga and Apayao on the east.

Abra is 437 kilometer away from Manila, having a good road condition, compare to other top tourist destination in the country. Abra remain undiscovered as one of the best eco-tourist destination of the country due to bad impression and twisted perception of the people and in-balance media presentation that have seen and heard and read  in news, where the beauty of the province remain as country best kept secret.

The concern about safety of visitors is the big factor that tourist avoid the place. One of the reason is the violent arm groups in isolated place. where communist group (CPP/NPA) was a the reason. It is a common knowledge the the said armed group is became active all over the country including Metro Manila, especially during the period of Martial in the 1980’s., but the influence of the group has already decreases.

Another reason is the political situation of the province, where it was considered as election hot spot of the country. It is also a common knowledge that there are certain places even in the Metropolitan, tagged as election hotpots, but people remain to come and go. Thanks to the new leader of the province,  the last election they are no longer under the  Comelec control.

How it comes that the negative issues remain in the province? Comparison between places might not good,  but sometimes needed. A certain place, and considered the farthest, where kidnapping and bombing are   big problem. Their government , is arm with strong political will and ethical governance that make a big difference for the lives of their people. Although they are call far, the province is not far when it comes to improvement as well as impressive and unique tourist destination. Their campaign as tourist destination continues, now they are one of the dream destinations especially for travel bloggers who love to showcase the beauty of our country.

Nature, Culture and Beyond

 Abra is a paradise with the most beautiful and unspoiled beauty from mother nature, a magical place that remain unknown.


Panaclisan River is located in the town of Licuan-Baay.  A remote paradise in the midst of lush of green forest.


Cabcaburao Waterfalls, a magical place  that enchant visitors. Located in San Juan Municipality.

DSC04379Lobot Eco Park is located in San Juan municipality, where a cascade of waterfalls and notable rock formations will mesmerize visitors. 


Enormous Pine Trees along the highway going to Licuan Baay. 

The province is also a home for ancestral houses, historical sites and some of the old churches in the country date back to the early 19th century.


Casa Real is a monumental arc, is located in the town of Bucay, the first Capital of Abra. The facade of ruins is just a few walk at the back of the present municipal hall.


Teodoro Brillantes Ancestral House is one of the oldest houses in the town of Tayum.


Saint Catherine of Alexandra Cathedral  commonly known as Tayum Church speaks of the ancient charm of the little town of Tayum, in Abra. The 19th century baroque church is one of the 26 Spanish Colonial Era churches in the Philippines declared as National Tresures by the National Museum. The church was originally a mission for the Tinggian Tribes. 


Smallest Catholic Church of the Philippines, Miniature of Tayun church, considered as the smallest church in the Philippines.


Lusuac Spring in Lagayan Abra


Borokibok Spring Resort in Bucay Abra


Guano Cave  in San Juan municipality.


Roces Cave in Bucay municipality


 Victoria Park, overlooking the town of Bangued.


 Abraeniana Intitutes (museum) dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Abraenian culture, history, literature, language  and encouragement of indigenous liturgy catechesis    and theological reflection


Tangadan Tunnel, the famous landmark and most photograph place in Abra.


The province of Abra is engaged in many products and industries but “Nature and Hospitality are one of their best.

 To all the locals, Barangay Captain, Barangay Tanod, Kagawad, and others,  thank you,  for welcoming your guest with gladness. Your hearty hospitable reception made the province more beautiful.

Abra destinations are distant away, Thanks to  PH First     for organizing this random journey. 


 Details of destinations-to follow.



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Getting There:

Abra is 8 hours travel from Manila, and serviced by the following bus lines:

  • Partas Bus Lines_ Bangued-Manila -Baguio
  • Dominion Bus Lines -Bangued-Manila
  • Sambrano Bus Lines – Bangued-Baguio
  • Viron Bus Lines – Bangued-Manila
  • BBL Transit -Baguio-Vigan- Laoag
  • Esonice Bus Lines-Bangued-Vigan-Tuguegarao



Special  Thanks:

San Juan Municipality:

  • Mr. Adelmo Bragas 
  • Marietta Ta-a 

Bucay Municipality:

  • Mr. June Rosales
  • Ms. Leonides Paligutan  

Sitio Baquero, Baay:

  • Ex-Mayor Aunnielyn Castilo 

Abra Provincial Tourism:

  • Maria Monique Bernardez 

Abrassi Transient House:

  •  Mirriam Tañedo
  • Diosdado Cariño



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