Quirino Province First Forest Park

Aglipay Caves and Campsite is an Eco-Tourism Site, located in Barangay Villa Ventura,  town of Aglipay, about 10 kilometers away from the provincial capital of the province of Quirino.

The series of interlinked caves is consist of 37 chambers, 8 of which are explored and developed for tourism  but only 4 are offered for regular spelunking due to some difficulty level of other chambers. The remaining four can be explored upon request.


Caves exploration started with a concrete stairs.


 Entrance of  cave one





Guide discussing interesting formations.


The exit of cave number one.


The forest  between caves is a pleasant surprise,  here we learned that the caves are surrounded with more than hundred hectares of rolling hills and  forest preserve.

  Trekking time to reached the next cave is around 15-20 minutes.


Entrance of the second cave, we call it  cave number 2, but we are corrected,  according to tourism staff, this cave is cave number 8, interconnected to cave number  2 and 3.

Cave number four is closed due to excessive vandals, Cave number 5 and 7 required crawling or choose a duck walk in some part of  a dusty and muddy trail. Cave number six is the most fascinating, where subterranean river and waterfalls be found.


Cave number 8, welcome us with  a well preserved stalagmites and stalactites till cave 2 and 3.




The amazed visitors.




Aglipay Caves connection is about 20 meters deep, representing different forms of geological formations.


Entrance of cave 2, where there is  small hole that  you need to squeeze the body to get into next chamber.


 There are some sharp stalactites closed to head, where spelunkers never had any head protection, like helmet.

There are some caves, who offers a head protection and a lamp, but sadly, they take the advantage to charge it in a unreasonable amount.

This is just a matter of suggestion, it depends in the local authorities of Aglipay caves if they will provide head protection (and lamp)  for rent.


 Ready to proceed to cave number 3


 The formations remain prominent.


 Guides might not be much alive discussing detailed of formations, maybe because of his local dialect,  but t he able to cross all over and convince visitors, (from the beginning to the end) and let them all amazed in his explanation.

Guide fee for a group of 14 persons PHP 100.00 ($ 2.30).  How this people live in this small amount of income despite of all their effort presenting the beauty province .


 The last part of spelunking, where spelunkers needs to use a ladder to get out in the last and deep part of the cave.


  Aglipay Caves gives  an awesome experience. Thank you sir (the guide) you are a hero for bringing not only the beauty of Quirino,  instead the beauty of our country.


According to the Department of Tourism, Aglipay Caves and Provincial Forest Park promises to be a “special venue for communing with nature” It offers a camping facilities, modern accommodation, such as cottages and dormitory building, pavilion for indoor related function,  and other related outdoor function at a very reasonable price. Butterfly sanctuary and picnic area, where picnic hut  are are also available.

The caves  was discovered in the 1970’s.  The park is also use for a National Jamboree by virtue of DENR in 1999

Aglipay Caves is a part of eco-tourism of Quirino Province, they shall take steps to ensure the preservation and protection of the caves.

 For more details about attractions and tourist destinatinations of Quirino Province  click –     HERE 

How to get there?

Option 1:

There are two bus lines servicing the Manila-Madela route. The Florida Bus Lines (temporary suspended) and Five Star Bus Company, Cubao terminal. For reservation call 9117359. Transportation cost Manila-Madela PHP.490.00. Two trip a day: 6:00 PM and 8:00PM.  From Madela look a van going to Aglipay town.


Option 2:

There are several bus lines bound to Santiago Isabela or any Cagayan Valley Province bound bus  like, Victory Liner, Dalin Liner, Five Star and many more, 24 hours a day. Off to the town of Cordon. Transportation cost  Manila- Cordon PHP 420.00. From Cordon take  a Van going Aglipay Town.



 Special Thanks:

  • Quirino Province
  • Kara Palaruan- Provincial Tourism Office
  • Ph First –  For quality and affordable domestic package click HERE .



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