Sitio Bulak, General Tinio Nuve Ecija

( known as Papaya Nueva Ecija)

Fresh from its “Back to School Project” with the Iraya Mangyan Tribe of Sitio Latag, Occidental Mindoro, The group is once again up for another Charity event, this time with the Dumagat Tribe of Gen. Tinio, Nueva Ecija. The result of ocular inspection in Sitio Bulak, Rio Chico, Papaya Nueva Ecija, gives the group an immediate action to attend the need of our Dumagat countrymen. Our Mission of Hope for the Children continue to do so with its programs and events. It is our little way of letting them know that education is a fundamental right of every children, not just for the city dwellers , but even for those in the far mountainous part of the country living in poverty and stricken by illiteracy . Akyat Aral Org. believes that every children has the right and deserves the chance for a better school for them to learn and develop their skills for a much better future. 

From a proposed simple feeding project, this event went on becoming more likely our previous project , giving School materials to the kids and Ecobag full of grocery items given to 100 Dumagat families of Sitio Bulak, this had been possible with the generosity from our supporters/donors.

It was the first time that the group didnt trek/walk up to its chosen community. Special thanks for the support and assistance of the local Government of Gen. Tinio headed by Mayor Virgilio Bote and Councilor Nestor Sib-at , which they have provided the group with vehicles ( Jeep, Dump Truck & a Van) for an easier and faster way going to Sitio Bulak plus an escort from its local Police.

Seeing all of these this things, the excitement builds with every minute. AA Participants were not just ready, but extremely EXCITED! some of which chose to ride as top loads of the Jeepney feeling the cool breeze and breathing the fresh air of Nueva Ecija.

Halfway through, the road becomes more difficult, as cemented pathways became rocky and sloppy. Unfortunately, the 3 vehicle could not  pass anymore since the road became more stiffer with crater like dents which is impossible for these vehicles to manage through.

As a contingency measure, Councilor Sib-at asked the help of Ms Carmen Manuel, A local NGO and Municipal employee asking for the assistance providing the group with a “SKELETON”, a Jeep like vehicle with no exterior covering,  big enough to accommodate all of the participants and its load of goodies . This vehicle is more capable of strolling up the difficult and treacherous path up to sitio bulak.


While waiting, the group stayed at Brgy. Sibug Hall for a temporary shelter. The participants then took their lunch and take the opportunity to rest.. The local Brgy hall caretaker are generous enough providing us firewood’s and assist us in what the group needs for cooking, he also let some of the participants took a nap inside the hall.

Then came the “SKELETON”!, the group wasted no time and ride on to it immediately. The 2 hour bumpy and roller coaster ride like journey to Sitio Bulak seems to have given more excitement to the participants, even though conducive, the group manage to make it fun and feeling the thrills of the ride… And that’s the true SPIRIT!

The group reach Sitio Bulak at 5:00 PM, having no more time to set camp, they quickly prepare the venue and everything else needed for the program at a hall near the school. Fortunately, this was already been coordinated ahead of time with Teacher Aileen Pajarillaga, so the much needed Cooking utensils were already been prepared for our feeding program.

The program started with an introduction made by host, explaining the mission of Akyat Aral, how we have gathered the donations and the most important inspirational talk about the importance of EDUCATION to these eager Dumagat children

Even the darkness of the Night could not stop the groups passionate heart to serve and give fun to these people, the program and fun games continue with only lightened  by Flash lights and the headlight of the Skeleton Jeep..

Dinner is Served! Its almost dinner time when the “Sopas” was cooked. These treat was distributed to our anxious and hungry guest.

Akyat Aral Officials decided to continue the program the following day since it is getting too late and it already starting to drizzle… Lights Out!


 Early morning, the program continues ..The group also cooked “Pancit Canton” noodles that was serve to our guest.

Again, the group conducted fun games while preparing the goods for distribution. The games were enjoyed by both The young and the young at hearts.  These Dumagats seems to have enjoyed  all the fun games prepared for them and participated gamely.

Lastly, the group then distributed the School supplies to more than 60 children and the grocery items to 100 families. Clothes and toys were also given.

It was indeed a fun and memorable day for both The Dumagats and The Akyat Aral Members and Volunteers. It was a day we have set aside our cultural indifference, our statures in life and just let go and interact with our brothers and sister, leaving everyone with a  SMILE that would last a LIFETIME.

Many thanks to all sponsors, donors, volunteers, the Municipality of General Tinio (Papaya) Nueva Ecija and the Chinese Community of Juan Luna,  Binondo,  Manila, 



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