Akyat Aral is a non profit group of Mountaineers/Outdoor Enthusiast/Hikers who have the same passion and advocacies for environment conservation and protection. The group are thoughtful individuals who love helping others in time of needs. The group posses a passion of community service and creative ideas for act ivies intended for the kids

 The group  passionately believe that education should be given high importance most especially for the children to learn, and develop skills that are acquired through their schooling. The group believes  that the children residing in  the far flung mountainous areas should be given of equal opportunity to education because it will be their stepping stone for much better prosperous life.

Started in May 2012, Akyat Aral.Org. has been able to reach out and touch the lives of more than a hundred children and people of different ethnicity and still continue to do so with its continuous programs and events.


Our Mission is to give hope and aid to brothers and sister residing in the mountain/remote areas of the country and also promoting responsible mountaineering, care for the environment and social responsibility.

The group is volunteer based and believe donations should be used wisely and effectively.

General Information 


Back to School Project

This project aims to provide schooling needs/material to the children of the community. This aims to promote education and inspire children to study hard and give pride to themselves.

 Feeding Program

This events gives nutritional foods to the community. This aims to promote healthy living and proper nutrition to the community

 Give a Gift  Project

Usually every December, this program aims to provide gift of various items such as clothing, toys, medicines and food items. This is the group little way of making  less fortunate people feel the true meaning of Christmas

 “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched,  they must be felt with the heart “(Hellen Keller)