An Island of Strange Beauty 

Bonpen 534

The long and exhausted travel is worthless upon the first look in the island Few meter away before the boat dock the shore,  you will see the residential area   standing on  top of white bright sand.  Not far off is the green, the blue and white surrounding.

Bonpen 489

Bonpen 443

With the natural beauty, the island remain less crowded than other famous island, its perfect for those who quest island for relaxation.

Bonpen 377

Bonpen 420

 The undeveloped state, made the place a very laid back. The mangrove forest are undisturbed and the shores is almost untouched. Great place for those seeking private retreats and solitary adventures.

Bonpen 432

Bonpen 371

Alibijaban island is a small  paradise,  located in San Andres,  Southern part Quezon  Province known as Bondoc Peninsula, commonly known as  Bonpen.  San Andres is one of  the farthest municipality in all municipalities of Quezon from Manila.

Bonpen 406

The remoteness of the place, remain unknown to many, but worth to explore and preserve.

Under Water Activity




There is distinguished diving site of the island, unfortunately availability of gadget for diving, either for snorkeling  is not available.



Since there’s no commercial tourism activity,  you need to  bring everything you need,  or try to barrow from the locals.


Due to unavailability of the gadgets, we just settled in the big rocks, few meters away from the shores.


Underwater scenery got overwhelmed. The miniature corals formations is surprisingly inhabited by different types of fishes and corals. Great diving experience, beautiful underwater scenery.

The other side of the island

Bonpen 563

Bonpen 567

The other side  is opposite from the front yard of the island, where boulders of rocks are found. During low tide, they can easily  picked shell fish for their foods.


The Mangrove Forest

Bonpen 347

According to the locals, the best charcoal and firewood is the wood come from the mangrove tree.

Bonpen 352

Today, the local learned the importance of the mangrove, where it helps  to reduce the impacts of severe typhoon, strong winds, floods, as well as cyclone and tsunamis, commonly hit not only their island, but also in other part of the country.

They also learned that  mangroves provide a key nursery for fish, a homes to other animal species and other sea life.

Bonpen 325

Like coral reefs, mangrove forests are extremely productive ecosystem  that provide numerous goods and services both to the marine environment and people.

Bonpen 439

Aside from the natural method of reproduction of mangrove,  or called seed falls from the tree to the mud and grow it naturally, with the help of some environmental groups, the local learned not only the importance of  conservation and restoration of mangrove forest , instead the initiative of the local to plant and protect  mangrove properly.

Bonpen 435

Called as forest of the sea, or a green coastal breakwater, mangrove systems, like coral reef and white sand beach  surprisingly attract tourist. The diverse place is good for snorkeling, around the mangrove, where marvelous variety of  baby fish, jellyfish, urchins and other sea life can be found.

Bonpen 359

There are around 5 varieties of mangrove in the island, including one non aquatic mangrove.

This area is under the jurisdiction of DENR

Bonpen 360

Bonpen 337

Bonpen 328

Everyday, there are many locals, including young student passing the mangrove forest.  May their school give them awareness and appreciation for mangroves so that they learn not only the academic knowledge  but they also become a better stewards of this vital natural resources for the future.

Source of Income

Bonpen 311

Bonpen 308

 Each member of the family are helping hands for their daily needs, where fishing is the daily source.

Bonpen 546

Bonpen 549

Bonpen 548

Other source of income is agriculture, where copra is the main products, followed by corn.

Way of Living

Bonpen 513

Bonpen 521
The community is so small but big in friendship and respect. Life is so simple, and peaceful.
Mobile signal are available with 3G for Smart, Globe and Sun, but no direct connection of electricity.  Electronic equipment rely on solar panels and those can afford, to have their own generator. Charging the electronic gadgets, you can ask the local with a minimal fee.
Bonpen 526
Today, there is a big store that supply all necessary needs of the villagers, as well as visitors and tourist.  Cook food are available from the morning till night at a cheapest price.
Bonpen 295
Theres no resort, but there is new accommodation cost Php. 100.00 per day (24hours) Camping style with tent and hammock along the beach is still ideal. There’s a pay toilet, but you can also ask the locals to used their toilet. Water are from deep well that are fetching in a little bit far, Php 10.00 enough for one person to take a bath.


Exploring the whole island Alibijaban is workable in 5 hours, provided that you arrived early in the morning, as we did. We left Lucena at around 12 midnight (No Traffic) arrive in San Andres around 4:00 AM. Arrive the island before 6:AM and go around the island  few minutes after of our arrival. We left Alibijaban at around 12:00 noon for the next destination.
Our second destination of the day:
Bonpen 604
Tigbi Falls, commonly known as Banaba Falls for more details click HERE


How to get there?


Manila to San Andres.

Superlines Transport  have 3 daily direct trip to San Andres 4:30 AM, 2:30 PM, and 5:30 PM. Schedule may change without notice. For some inquiries you may call 02-414-3119/02-4143321 and 09225225192. Fare Php.470.00


Manila to Lucena

There are some  Bus lines from Cubao (EDSA-Kamuning-Kamias)  to Lucena (Grand Terminal)  like JAC Liner, Lucena Lines and DLTB, Tritran.  Fare around Php. 220.00


Lucena to San Andres

Barney Auto Lines  from Alabang terminal is passing the Lucena Grand Terminal to take passenger going to San Andres. Last trip is 12:00 midnight, then follow the next  trip at 2:00 AM. Four to five hours travel. Fare Php.216.00 .

There are groups of Van operator in Lucena bound to San Andres. Van Terminal in Pacific Mall 0910-5863023, the schedule are 11:00AM, 1:00PM and last trip is 3:00 PM. There are also van terminal in SM Lucena,  Van Fare is Php. 270.00 higher compare with the bus. The advantage of the van, it travel faster and non stop going to San Andres, while the bus is stationary.


 San Andress to Alibjaban 

From Bus terminal in San Andres, there are two options going to the island.  1.Proceed to the pier and hitch a ride  for some motor boat going, or going back to the  island. Fare is around Php. 20.00 – Php.50.00. Motor boat are frequent in the morning to transport their commodities, and buy their needs back to the island.   Reminder: there no regular trip going to the island and vice verse.

2. Second option is to contact, Randy and or his wife Jinjin 0977-370-8487 and 0998-275-8413  to fetch you in the pier. Negotiation regarding his services must be agreed, before going to Alibijaban, specially the inclusion of his service. like guiding  fee, snorkeling, and many others. Paying the “BAHALA NA PO KAYO”  is one problem we encountered with them. Randy and the wife, as well as the locals are kind. Travel time:, around 15 minutes from pier to Alibijaban Island.