A Nature Lover’s and Adventure Seeker’s Paradise

_DSC0762Sunrise is one of the unique experience in the island of Ando. To witness,  you need to get-up  early and chase the time before the large orb peeped over the horizon and wait it bloomed in all its glory.

When the sun ready to shine is the most beautiful part of the the day. It represents  a new hope for having a new day.

Ando Sunrise

The draw of the sunrise is magnificent .  It difficult to disprove and deny the joy  of witnessing vista of lights fills the sky.

Nature is a wonderful thing. The beauty shines through many ways.


This is truly amazing that take for granted by many. Although when the sun appears to rise from the horizon is actually the motion of the earth that causes the sun to appear, but this still considered as a  natural miracle as one of the many bounties of  God to be thankful.

Sun rays peak through the clouds and make an awesome reflections in the water.


When the sun totally shine you will see the beautiful scenery  around Ando island.  The breathtaking waves coming directly in this part of pacific ocean is really amazing.


Ando Island locally called as puro halaba (means long island)  is one of the two  treasured islands  of Borongan City, Eastern Samar.  The other one is Divinubo Island.

Divinubo and Ando islands, may be called as twin islands of Borongan, although there are no two islands are exactly the same. They have unique characteristics that are different to each other,  Both of them are facing pacific oceans and are prone to strong typhoons, surges,  tsunamis and other natural calamities,  but both gives an enchanting features and they are completely unspoiled.



The unspoiled shoreline is decorated by swaying  coconut trees and lush tropical plants. 






 Some parts are boulders of rocks, where between those rocks are 27  series of caves and sea caves surround the island.

Some caves still contains live stalagmites and stalactites. The well know cave is the Sangat caves, where human bones during pre-Spanish colony are found. They also have Bat Kindom cave where bats indwell.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient  of time and we are  not prepared for spelunking, we did not enter in any one of the caves.




What  do I like most in  Ando island  are the  gorgeous  patch of white sand,  seemingly like a small cave opening. All this unique small piece of ground have the natural pool that you considered that this is your own private beach.



This piece of place offers peace, quiet and a perfect place to commune with nature. Best place to reset life and a best place to  create a memories to remember.

This is also a romantic place for a lovers and best for family bonding, where you can considered the place as yours because it was remain undisturbed by real world.


More varied than any landscape was the landscape in the sky. There is  natural pool,  where the calmness and the  clarity of the water  serve as the  mirror of the sky .  From here, the sky may ask how beautiful they are for the day.

This part of Ando Island is  loaded with natural beauty, that almost blow your mind in wondering how good mother nature is.



The physical nature of the island give stunning sight. The rugged and undeveloped island,  hold appeals to sun seekers, and also for those who are crave for challenges and adventure,  as well as to those who seek privacy.


There are visible mess, but it is natural from falling leaves, coconuts and crushed  corals, because my visit happened during  typhoon season.


The underwater:

Ando island is a home to some of the best location for snorkeling and diving in the region, which require to accompanied by experienced underwater guide, to explore the enormous sea corals and wildlife under the water.

The locals undergo underwater training, facilitated by the Borongan tourism office, to support the community organization, the CBRM.

They are now working out for the water sport equipment to be release .





(This is what i missed most in this island).




(The CBRM Resort)

There are some resort in the island, but we suggest to stay in the resort managed by the local community.

The local government of Borongan is  promoting the CBRM. CBRM is community-based resource management program to help the local community as alternative source of income in order to reduce poverty and environmental degradation.

Same with the community of Divinubo island, they are also depending in fishing and agriculture (copra) , in which  the income were not enough especially during storms and typhoon that always  affected their agricultural products. . Fishing during the northeast wind  is perilous, where the waves in pacific oceans is very big.

CBRM is not only to help the local community but to empower the local community. This is an approach to conserve, develop and recognize the right to manage and receive benefits in sustainable use of the island’s variety of  natural resources.

The Barangay Island



The exquisite island of Ando is 0.12 kilometer (112 meters) away from Boronggan Proper.

The island can be reach by boat only. No mean of transportation in the island. Power supply and mobile signal is available 24/7.


The life is very simple. As going around, no stray children in a dirty clothes roaming around. No sign of poverty despite the fact  the locals dependents in fishing and little agricultural crops in a seasonable mode.

It was a perfect place to relax, because simplicity is the main view of the island.

Thanks to Kuya Toytoy, He welcome people not as an stranger, or a paying visitors, instead, he treated it as a friend.

I arrived at night in the island, There is no restaurant, nor small eatery around,  he immediately ask his family to cook food for me, without asking my name.

I found that people in the island are good natured people. Through Kuya Toytoy I identified the local  conscience was the strongest element of their nature. Their affections were tender and warm. Their whole nature was simple and sincere.

Thank you, Kuya Toytoy, thank you, people of Ando island.

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Special Thanks:

  • Borongan Tourism
  • CBRM Ando Island
  • People of Ando Island