An Strange Beauty 


Bagong Tuklas   means New Discovery is situated in a unique location which will appeal to people who love nature or are simply seeking solitude and tranquility, away from the madding crowd. The resort is a must to visit in the town of San Narciso, Quezon,  featuring six sea caves and rock formations that made it spectacular destination.


Bagong Tuklas Resort   found on the right side of Talisay Beach ( Talisay Beach is a white sand beach with cottages)

Since we are looking for something unusual and unique, we found a pretty strange rock formations, we never know that the place we visited is a perfect place suited for what we are looking for.  Bagong Tuklas is not visible on the internet and not even included on the photo  gallery of the website of  San Narciso. From the name Bagong Tuklas (New Discovery) is genuinely  new discovery for us.


(Overlooking Talisay Beach Resort, San Narciso Pier ang Barkong Bato)

 While we are taking picture, we saw the road uphill and we traced it, we saw a house with a fence and we call if someone there.  A man replied and said to have paid off, ten pesos for entrance fee,  we said OK no problem.


After paying the entrance fee, the man taught  the way.
We saw the stairs downward,  it was a suspense and excitement. What’s more beyond this place that will surprise us.


We landed in one of the opening of the cave, with another ladder going up. Another surprising excitement for what awaits at the top.
Looking back downward, a family enjoying their picnic…


An exceptional view upon reaching the top of the bamboo platform.  It offers more than what you want to see, with its tranquility and exotic scenery. Natures and adventures combined in this place.


A few walk from the platform there’s a bamboo cottage Php. 250.00 rate per day.

For those unwilling to pay extra cost you, just find place anywhere and surely you will find.


 A view on the edge of one of the cave.


The Twin Cave (not the name of the cave, we just named it), a contiguous twin because of the two passage.

At first, we scared to jump to get inside the cave, we are very thankful to the kids swimming around, we able to measure the depth of the water, when we asked them to stand, and we found out that was only shallow


If you afraid to jump, there a way down. the same way getting back.


One of the  passage of the twin cave.


Inside the twin cave, there’s a hole between the two cave.

An  incomparable place.



There are some minerals founds inside the cave. If you are curious, it will notice that there something strange kind of minerals  that decorated the limestone rock. The minerals is look like calcite.


A concrete stair, another way down to the beach and caves.



A remarkable sight, from serene to rugged, to mysterious, dramatic, and rocky beach.


Another cave with wide opening connected to the concrete stairs


From this cave,  is a  clear view of San Narciso Pier and Batong Barko.


Bagong Tuklas  endowed with nature’s beauty,  preserve by its seclusion. Best place to wonder and appreciate mother nature at her best.


A place that can enhance and create more memories  to be remembered.



During low tides, sand is appearing. Every sands in every caves is a best place for relaxing, a place for peace and serenity.

While lying down,  just look around, look forwards, look upward, watch the birds flying , listen to the repetitive gentle  sound of waves, that can dispel stress and bring out a blissful state of calmness.

In science, the study shows,   that the sound of waves alters the wave patterns in the brain, making people more calm and relax.  Researchers also shown that the part of the brain dealing with stress and emotion are affected by living with crowds.


The “Lamesang Bato” (Stone Table), we assume the smaller rocks are chairs


For adventurous souls, you can change you preference. Cliff jumping, snorkeling and diving is the best alternative things over another or others.

According to the locals, the area is good for snorkeling, especially during low tide.


To explore the other part of the resort just walk in the water, roam around and delve out distinguish  part of the resort and create your own adventures both terrestrial and marines activities.

Walking  for pleasures around the resorts is best during low tides.


If you want to meet other people, and create new friends, Come on with people around and feel the hospitality of the locals of San Narciso.

Table inside the cave Php. 250.00 per day.


When you get tired of water, get to the top, feel the breeze and satisfy your eyes with the  stunning view of the sea.

Nature all around you. A real tonic for mind, body and soul.


Once you experience  Bagong Tuklas, its the time to understand why the locals enjoying to invite  friends in their town.

Away from the tourist areas, it offers a solitude that is becoming increasingly harder to find without extra travel cost and efforts.


Once a visitors is always a friend.

A visit to the owner, Nanay Maria “Maring” Maginoo, the owner of Bagong Tuklas Resort sitting on the left side in front and his grandson, Jimboy standing behind. Unfortunately they don’t have contact number.


 Nanay Maring, and Jimboy lives in this house.

There’s no materials amenities offered in this resort, no food nor any drinks for sale. No employee  assistance available for the guest. The system for the guest is  the DIY (do it yourself)  or personally cater your self and  enjoy the rare beauty of the place.

For new visitors, you can ask assistance of Jimboy, and he accompanied guest with no extra cost, he did not accept tip because he ashamed to received tips. In simple words, Jimboy is nothing much intended  in life, material things are not essential for him.

There is spacious grounds and you can pitch a tent and stay overnight. Toilet and bathroom is also available at a very  reasonable price.


 The resort is easy to locate and  accessible by tricycle from town proper. They have own right of way, but it’s easier if you drive through the gates of Talisay beach. The road is narrow but can enter the vehicle. If you choose to enter the Talisay gate, you pay two entrance fee,Php 10.00 each,  one for Talisay Beach and one for Bagong Tuklas.

Since Talisay beach is closed to Bagong Tuklas, some of their guest goes to Bagong Tuklas without paying any thing. Bagong Tuklas is not  imposing any restriction or limitations for those entering their properties. This may happened because Bagong Tuklas is lacking of personnel.


If you know how to appreciate finer things in your life, the place is tremendously wonderful.

Bagong Tuklas is a perfect definition of what we called paradise.


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