Balete Cave of Tinipak River

 The cave was named Balete Cave because of the Balete Tree,
exactly in front of the entrance of the cave.

The spelunking started in a narrow passage.
This is a dark cave. An utmost care is needed inside the cave, because the rock are sharp on the path way as well as the cave wall.
  Not everybody is ready for this activity, most of us are not in proper gear. You have notice that only few are wearing the head lamp.
Some who have a head lamp, but the battery are almost run out because of the other night activity in our base camp. Thanks to the flash of some of the camera’s, makes this spelunking activities memorable.
Spelunking or Cave Exploration has become a sport. This is a fun recreational activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and will help appreciate the wonders in our world beneath the earth as it correlates to nature above the earth.
A memorable spelunking experience includes witnessing a variety of formation, stalagmites and stalactites as well as the challenging routes.
Some adventurous souls have learned to conquer their fear and dared to explore the unknown.
Caving is not a competition sport, but potentially a dangerous sport, but it can made easy and safe. Accident are extremely rare, people may hurt because of some mistake.
Caves have its own unique characteristic different to each other. This cave surprised me of a rushing flow of water, that added the trill of our spelunking. Always GO SLOWLY, sufficient cautions are required.
Its needs a very careful step. PANIC IS CATASTROPHIC.
SAFETY is the primary concern.
Getting trough is getting deeper. Till then,  our leader stopped us to proceed. Because the link of two stalagmites and stalactites was immersed in water. This is the sign if you can proceed or not.
We just settle down and took a group picture, we considered this adventure as unfinished business. The group planned to go back this coming summer, where water are lesser during dry season.
I observed inside the cave are the presence of sands in some part of it.
 I remembered the sand in the beaches,
there are white sands, and there are black sand.
In whatever storm or typhoon and or whatever disaster arrived
It will remain and go back to its natural form.
Nature really has its  own way to manage and put in a balance all the natural creation in this world.
A small change in some particular parameter will be corrected that will bring the parameter back to its original form.

How to get there

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