Each year Akyat Aral continues its mission of helping the Mangyan Children in Sitio Latag with different themes such as “Back to School Project”, “Give a Gift”  “Project Solar Panel” and many others.

Each project includes medical assistance with our volunteer doctors and nurses. We conduct feeding programs. We give clothing, school supplies, , basic essential for their livings and many others because we know that they cannot afford the basic requirements of living.


Unlike other children in various mountains we visited, most of the children are genuinely shy at first but gradually they become comfortable with us.  The Mangyan children are typical shy by their nature maybe because of being so far, they barely meet other people except us that we are trying not to miss them at least once a year.

The “Bigyan Kulay ang Buhay ng mga Batang Mangyan (Give color to the life of Mangyan Children)  project is not just giving them a colorful life, the project  is empowering program to give some experiences  that may gives difference in their outlook in lives.


In continuous support with the Mangyan tribe, we are wondering how we can bring something to enhance their intelligence and not remained left behind  in the experience of other children in the city or under foot of the mountains where this knowledge is also their right to experience too. We have project playground in other communities  we visited,  but bringing playground in this mountain of Sitio Latag maybe hard for us.

In order to improve their skills, Akyat Aral created  Sport Fest, all the sport equipment will be leave for them and we add additional in our next visit.

The Sport Equipment




The Trophy



The Sport Fest

Basket Ball Game


Playing basket ball is not new in Sitio Latag,  even it says a mountain style, they have the fundamental knowledge of this games.



Akyat Aral want to emphasize for this game is to encourage them as a players a positive social skills and help them to recognize the importance of working as a team, respect others and what it means to be competitive. This time they have a referee who watch and arbitrate on matters arising the games, and to let them know that there are rules to adhere like foul, travelling and many others violations.


Bicycle Game


At first the volunteers ride the bicycle  they showed the fun of riding, and  let the kids to get interested. From  there, they select interested children to ride but first they taught, the proper pedaling and balancing.


Akyat Aral objective for bicycle races is to develop children competitiveness while teaching them,  both to win and lose at the same time enjoying the activity.


We care about their safety hard hat or the helmet is our priority for their safety but their still injury. Our medics is ready to attend for this circumstances.


Badminton Game




Like bicycle, badminton is new games in their eyes, getting started is not easy but the volunteers patiently teach them to learn the proper stroke and hit the ball on the opponent.

There is also a volleyball game, unfortunately due to heavy rain it discontinue.


Due to  deficiency especially for the basic needs of students including the shortage of nutritious food to eat, lack of school supplies and other needs, this kind of fun games are neglected or did not place as one of the basic needs of the students or as a children.

Outdoor or fun games is very important, it build their gross motor skills, this hand on activities that incorporate physical movement can make all the difference in helping children learn key skills and master fundamental concept.

Games increased self confidence, enhanced muscles and bones development, improvement of balance and hand-eye- coordination, awareness of postures, and many other benefits,……….

… unfortunately they are less privilege children, and all this never come into their minds because of difficulties in life. Akyat Aral believe that no children should be denied playing sports because of the cost.

The Awarding



At first the kids hesitant  to receive the trophy because they never know what is this for. They never know that this is evidence of victory that serve as their recognition.


Akyat Aral Tradition



Any month of the year for straight five years, the noble tradition of reaching out less fortunate children in the far mountainous are in the country continue by taking part of changing the lives of our less privileges communities, by giving an act of kindness.


Feeding program is always a part of the activities.



Class lessons maybe wearisome to other students, story telling is one important procedure to have a powerful interaction with the children, With the ability of our volunteer teachers it encourage children to explore with their unique expressiveness and can heighten a student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in a clear manner.


A  rain or shine activity, as  long we never violate government warning, the activity will continue.



Distribution of the basic needs of the community.


From Manila to Batangas pier to Abra de Ilog pier (Mindoro)  to Sitio Udalo then trek up for 4-6 hours to Sitio Latag.  Our sincere thanks to our volunteers. for helping us to give a positive meaningful impact in every community we visited.


Our group Akyat Aral is managed solely by volunteers who give time, energy and money to use for their transportation  and the foods they eat.


Our volunteers challenge their self physically and mentally without the comfort of their home just to help  communities in great needs.

Every event is a great and memorable for our volunteers. They are always eager to give colors to the lives of every children they meet


The physical challenge that always there in every events never hamper their passion serving people of less wants.



Walking so long, trekking, river crossing, carrying heavy load, under the heavy rain or under the heat of the sun, inadequate slip, skipping meals, tiredness and many physical challenges in nothing because they know that all of this is for the benefits of our beneficiary communities.

Giving some of  e precious time to others is almost a great time for themselves


As long that there are in needs, Akyat Aral will continue to do so with its continuous program and events.

Our group is volunteer based and believe donations should be used wisely and effectively.

To our donors and supporters, thank you very much for all the support.


Its a Mission of Hope for the Children



In kind and cash donation accepted

For cash donation you may deposit your cash donation to our official bank account

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