A Nature Sculptured Rock Formation


 Bimmapor Rock Formation is located in Barangay Pongo, Nagtipunan, Province of Quirino.


The rock formation serve as a natural monument in the heart of the town of Nagtipunan,  where the town is  surrounded by a virgin forest, and bodies of water,  thus  it’s was tagged as the tourism capital of the province of Quirino.


 A geological land escape at the left side of the rock formation


Geological landscape at the right side of the rock formation.

There are  geological land escape surrounded in  the Rock Formation, that added beauty to the place.


Rock climbing, rappelling are some of the future activities is the said place.and other outdoor related activities


 Bimmapor sits in the river bank of Siitan River. This is also used as jump-off for river cruising.

Siitan River is a head water of Cagayan River, Awarded as Hall of Fame for  Cleanness Inland Bodies of Water in the Philippines.


 From the rock formation, visitors transfer to another boat, to start river cruising.


This part of the river is commonly skip by some of the visitors, instead they walk and ride the boat after the rapids. Boating in a raging rapids using an ordinary wooden boat is another firsts to our experience.


 White water rafting usually used rubber boat, when colliding with  big rocks it remain safe, collision also added more fun.  Boating in a raging rapids using an ordinary wooden boat is another firsts to our experience.  The strong rapids of the water literally rattled our body. LOL


 After the two rapids, the river is extra-ordinary calm.


 A place of pristine silence, features a breathtaking view in spectacular limestone wall decorated beautifully by green trees and grasses


A  heaven of rocks formation, sculptured by nature itself, crystal clear green water, unspoiled by rural development, super incredible and spectacular.


A remote paradise in the midst of towering mountains. A breath taking scene.

Best place for eco-tourism destination, where a system of cave along the river are identified.


River cruising is not part of our itinerary created by PH First  Continuing the whole  river adventure added another hours in our stay in place, where other activities of the day may suffers.


 Going back is a sacrifice  for the Bogador (boat man), paddling against the flow of the river is strenuous , they get down  and push the boat to bring back the visitors in the river bank.


 Boat rate is 750.00 good for 4-5 person, until the Siitan River. The complete river cruising  reaches until Dipantan, (boundary of Quirino and Aurora Province ) boat rate PHP 1,500.00 still good to 4-5 persons, where down steam promises more beautiful scenery, picnic area, bridge connecting the province of Quirino and province of Aurora, and many more.

How to get there?

Option 1:

There are two bus lines servicing the Manila-Madela route. The Florida Bus Lines (temporary suspended) and Five Star Bus Company, Cubao terminal. For reservation call 9117359. Transportation cost Manila-Madela PHP.490.00. Two trip a day: 6:00 PM and 8:00PM. From Madela take a jeep going to Nagtipunan Town Transportation cost PHP.35.00


Option 2:

There are several bus lines bound to Santiago Isabela or any Cagayan Valley Province bound bus  like, Victory Liner, Dalin Liner, Five Star and many more, 24 hours a day. Off to the town of Cordon. Transportation cost  Manila- Cordon PHP 420.00. From Cordon take  a Van going Madela PHP. 70.00.  From Madela take a jeep going to Nagtipunan, PHP 35.00


Discover Quirino: “where Adventure Begins”

For more details about Quirino Tourism Click HERE 


Special Thanks: 

  • PHFirst for this random journey
  • Kara Palaruan- Provincial Tourism Office
  • Mario Aquino – Nagtipunan Tourism
  • Quirino Province


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