Bindiyan Dance also called, as Bendian, is  one of the highlight of the Bindiyan Festival and Ecotourism celebration of the Municipality of Kabayan Benguet.

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Bendiyan is a circle dance, performed for some reasons. this is also a thanksgiving for bountiful harvest. This is also a celebration for  success  defense of tribe from outside invaders.

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 Bindiyan also  means “dance till you tire” or “lets see who tires easily” and “who endures the longest”  is one of the most Ibaloi rituals in form of an endurance  dance where it was considered as the most expensive of all Ibaloi rituals.

bindiyan festival 394With the beat of gong and cymbals,  Bindiyan performers begins by creating a circle while dancing, the  circle symbolize unity and harmony.

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The dance is interpreted  with a various steps and hand movements. After a few round, folks in different level of age and social status in the community, as well as visitors and guest  joined the dance.

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Nowadays,, the Kabayan community institutionalized the ritual into a Bindiyan Cañao or festival. It is done  not necessary for the same purpose mentioned above, but also for tourism, entertainment, cultural identity and as a link from fast to present.

Details of the Bindiyan Festival-TO FOLLOW

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