Witness the Mighty Waves and Amazing Rock Formation 


The amazing rock formations littered along the coastline of the northern part of the island are the primary attraction and visited by local and foreign tourist.


Without the huge waves crashing into the rocks, we could not deny,  all of  this wonder  is incomplete. Because without the pounding waves, the rock formation might never exist.

What to do?


Witness the mighty waves and the amazing rock formation that curved by nature million years ago, and many others.

Where is Biri?


Biri Island is a  fifth class municipality in the province of Northern Samar, Visayas Region, Philippines. Facing Pacific Ocean to the east and San Bernardino Strait to the west, Biri is the largest island off the northern coast of Samar Island. The island is known for incredible rock formation and natural scenery.


How to Get There?

There are several options traveling to municipality island:  by plane, by land. Which ever it chooses, it requires a boat just to reach the island of Biri.

By Plane:

Catarman is the nearest airport in Biri. Philippine Airline/Air-Phil  is servicing Manila-Catarman daily for about 1 hour and 15 minutes flight duration.

  • From Catarman Airport take a trike to jeepney terminal.
  • Take a jeep for Lavezares, travel time around 30 minute to 1 hour.
  • From Lavazares town proper, walk for a few meters to the public market, behind the public market you can take a boat bound to Biri Island.

By Land:

There are several buses from Manila travelling to Visayas and Mindanao, via RORO, and or buses bound to Matnog Sorsogon (Port of Matnog) as the best option. Travel time around 12-15 hours.


(Port of Matnog)

There are ferry boat leaving almost every hour bound to Samar. Take the ferry boat bound to Allen Samar.

Port of Allen

(Port of Allen)

From Allen Samar take a tricycle head to Lavesarez, ask before hand the fare and negotiate before taking a ride. There are some locals drivers taking advantage among newbies in the place.


 The port going to Biri Island is located at the back of Lavesarez town market. For those who want to visit the Biri, there are many blogs already written in the net, where you can find information about traveling Biri,  including contacts and accommodations.

For backpacking style, a solo or a group of few people t it needs to wait to fill the boat to get going.  For a big group, simply hire a boat.

Boat fare and rental from Lavesares to Barangay Poblacion in Biri or vice Versa Php.50.00 per head. Boat rental for  small boat with 10 comfortable seating capacity Php.500.00 per trip. Bor a bigger boat 15 -20 comfortable seating capacity Php.750.00 – Php.1,000.00 per trip.

Boat rentals and fare are implemented by the Biri municipal government, for over pricing, a penalty to the boat owner will imposed.


Statue of Virgin Mary, a dramatic landmark in Lavesarez, that  seen while traveling to Biri Island. There is a light on top of the head of the statute that serves as a guide to the seafarers specially at night.


A welcome streamer to all visitors.

Travel time from Lavesarez to Biri, is around one hour when the weather is good. During bad weather better not to proceed, the voyage at this time is risky where around 70% of the water that flow in and out of the region is passing the   San Bernardino Straight plus the strong waves from the pacific ocean is frightening.  The whole area is perilous


The habal habal (single motorcycle) are waiting in the port.

For those who have no contact in the area, just proceed to the municipal tourist office to arrange transportation, accommodation as well as foods.

Not all habal habal driver are capable as tour guide. There are trained tour guide available at the municipal tourism office.

For assistance,  the mobile numbers of tourism office are 0948-4088200 and 0915-6275444.


The habal habal is the only mode of transportation around the island.

There are fix rate in any point of destination around the island.

  • Baranggay Sto Nino (Boat ducking area) to Poblacion Php.10.00 per head, maximum of 3 passengers or Php.30.00 per trip.
  • Baranggay Poblacion to Barangay Progress (jump off point to Magasang Rock formation) Php.20.00 per head maximum of 3 persons of Php.60.00 per trip.
  • Magasang Rock Formation to Bel-At Rock Formation Php.10.00 per head, maximum of 3 passengers or Php.30.00 per trip.
  • Bel-At Rock Formation to Poblacion(port) Php.15.00 per head maximum of 3 persons of Php.45.00 per trip.
  • Total amount of fare from Barangay Poblacion, for the two rock formation (Magasang and Bel-At) is only Php.65.00 per head or Php.135 per motorcycle per trip.
  • If visitors are docked at Barangay Sto Nino, additional Php.10.00 per passengers or Php 30.00 per motorcycle per trip.

All visitors have nothing to fear that they be cheat in Biri island, Biri fares rates is strictly implemented. A certain penalty is imposed including the cancellation of their permit to travel and the motorcycle (habal habal) will be impounded by the local government of the municipality.

Where to eat? 



In the past years, eateries is a common problem among visitors, there’s no dining place in the island.  Just early this year of 2015 a new eateries was established at a very reasonable price. Open from 6:00am -10:00pm everyday.


Where  to stay?


Gloria Vista Mobile Number 0921-6117749


Magasang resort and Cottages located in-front of Magasang Rock Formation look for Venus 0908-9784489 and Teddy 0946-4291317

Biri island is a remote area but upscale accommodations are available that cost thousand pesos per room.

For budget travelers, there are some home stays and guest houses that cost as low as  Php 150.00 per persons upward.


There’s a electric power schedule on the island. Electricity available from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight only. All gadgets must be charge upon arrival in the accommodation houses, and be prepare if somewhat hot  after 12:00 midnight especially during summer.


The LGU’s and the People:

Biri is not  commercialized  tourist destination. no stray vendors around. The local government implemented policies and regulations  to protect the welfare of the tourist/visitors.  This system implemented as a good step to showcase  not only the beauty of our country but our values as Filipino.

The obedience and etiquette of the locals to comply  with the policy of tourism, and their appreciation for their natural resources is a symbol of their relationship to mother nature as well as for the protection and its conservation.

For tourist guide, we recommend Kuya Jun Giray 0928-8309369 our tour guide. He assure  that our tour is safe as possible for the entire group from high tide to low tide, transferring from one to another rock formation. He can arrange the transportation in advance for his guest as well as a choice of accommodation based on your budget. He can also make itinerary of your tour.



For details about Rock Formation and other destination in Biri just click HERE



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