The Number 5 Philippine Gem


Biri Island is largest island off the northers coast of Samar Island, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and San Bernardino Straits to the west. The northern part of the island is notable for a large number of unusual rock formations.


 From the distance, especially during high tide, the rock formations are look like an small island lining few meters away from the northern shore of the island, serving as protection  from the harsh elements of nature.


The effect of natural forces such as the erosive power of winds and strong surge of the sea along the coastal area of the municipality,  this geological formations curved into a perfection.


The best time to start visiting  the rock formations is either  early in the morning to watch the sunrise and or anytime of the day and wait for the sunset.

The sunrise and the sunset is not just for capturing impressive photos but a unique moment to experience During sunrise, just watch   the large orb peeped over the horizon and wait it to bloomed in all its glory.

Four Rock Formations are most visited out of  seven  rock formation found in the island such as  Bel-At Rock Formation, Macadlaw Rock formation, Magsapad Rock formation, and Magasang Rock Formation. Those rock formations may be same with their physical properties but unique to each other .

Bel-At Rock Formation


Reaching the Bel-At rock formation, There is a  bridge but  not directly connected straight to the rock formations, according to locals, there are ridges of jagged rock, and or corals or sand just above or below the surface of the sea that can be damaged.


To get closer , it  needs to walk the watery part and get wet specially during high tide.



From the top of the Bel-At Rock Formation, it’s give an amazing view of  the rock formations, landscaped by the rolling waves that looks so powerful.

The rock formations humbly remain standing,  while the ocean, alone, made everything. it has the power to move and created everything into a great perspective.


One of the  three kids who joined with us in Biri, said that he is so lucky because at his age he witness the magnificent view of nature. According to him, there are many older people but the place is remain unknown in their sight .His appreciation to the wonder of nature is a  big revelation to everyone.

Most  of us today  has focused on the use of modern technology, it become hard for many of us to realize the impact of digital technology on the real world of things. We never noticed that this internet things eat much of our time.

 Parents may also not be a priority or even something  to teach about nature especially those living in the urban areas, they don’t care about it and or may have limited experience with nature and may not have full grasp the importance and how to appreciate it.

It is a responsibility not only for parent but to everyone to educate children to appreciate and treasure the environment and the natural resources we rely upon. Teaching the children about nature and conservation is a vital for their future.



From the scary powerful waves, its a pleasure to embrace and  feel it.  With the power of wind, the  water in this part of the earth is limitless and immortal.  The water is the beginning and creator of all this rock formations and someday this water may end all this wonders.  The water is  a life-giver and  a destroyer at the same time. (warning this is not recommended; the place is called perilous area. The rocks are slippery and the strength of the waves can sweep and fall you and bump your head.)

Makadlaw Rock Formation


There’s no bridge going to this rock formation.  From Bel-At rock formation, take a single motorcycle (habal habal) to get closer to the opposite road of this rock formation, then cross the mangroves areas to reach the rock formation



 The waves kept dashing expressing elegance  like performing an amazing act to show off to all visitors.



The upper part of  Makadlaw is grassy, surrounded by water liked or called  small Batanes.

Four of our fellow travelers  have been in  the island, and come back and plan on coming back again and again. Every-time they coming back they create a memories that they will never forget for their life time. .

As holding my camera, its an honor to capture their photographs to be remember in their lifetime.


Masapad Rock Formation


From Makadlaw,  the tide is completely low, the group preferred to wade   to reach  Masapad rock formation.


 While walking, the wave seems like want us to catch and play with us. very much alive, turbulent and noisy.

How to imagine that this waves, with the result of wind blowing,  travel thousands of miles before reaching the land . The continuous wind range from  ripples or a series of small on the surface of water that can become a big waves  that reaches up to 100 feet in high.



Masapad have two faces, Some part of the top of rock formation is grassy same with Makadlaw.but the other side, where this part is open to strong waves pounds it is strange and peculiar.



Masapad is  unique rock formation, composed of sandstone formed, reworked and reshape by the waves produces a variety of spectacular arrangements.

The earth is full of remarkable and strange geological formations, where the only factor involved are  time, wind, and water.

Magasang Rock Formation




 The Magasang Rock Formation is  resembling to a honeycombed structure. This kind of structure is not limited to natural setting that started from a pits. Another spectacular work of nature, where this kinds of formed based on the studies took a hundred years just to make a  hole with a certain centimeters in diameter.

  In Between Magasang and Masapad Rock Formations







A mythical forms of wonder. The whole  place is like a heaven of rocks, waters and waves. A breathtaking place that only happened in one cycle everyday during low tide.

The magical experience in this part of the island is  simultaneously happens that provides a great time to become “One with Nature”.

While the wave continuously thumping, to play with like a kids is a great fun.

The natural pool, where the color of the blue skies and the luminous colors of algae are creating a vivid colors.  Swimming in this majestic crystal clear water is a unique experience.

Every corner and the whole surrounding is scenic that all nature lovers will deeply enjoy.


 End of our admiration  for this wonderful creation of nature, we need to find out more  beauty around the island.


 Again another piece of bridge, reminds me that any construction in a bed of sea may harms natural resources.

Witnessing this wonders requires a lot of climb and walk in a rocky shores, but everything are well worth for this geological wonder.

Suliran Island


Suliran is small island is about 10-15 minutes boat ride, just opposite of the main municipality island of Biri.


Aside from the rock formation snorkeling is one of  the powerful attraction for tourism in the island municipality.



 The corals reefs are often called as the rain-forest of the sea, and  the greatest natural wonders of the world’s oceans.


Few meters away or a few walks  from the shore of Suliran, the corals reefs are observable .


The eyes of the kids as well the old ones are glutted. From the spectacular rock formations, now they discover the wonder of the sea.

In 2012, a non profit organization, Biri Initiative Org., where its main objective are to restore areas of coral reef damaged human activity for a long time. They promote sustainable and environment-friendly methods of fishing and encourage opportunities for alternative livelihoods, particularly for women


Mangrove Forest 



The locals of Biri, give importance to the reforestation of mangroves in the island since 2007. Same with the coral reefs, mangrove forest are extremely productive ecosystem that provides numerous good and services both to the marine environment and people. With the assistance of the Philippines Tropical  Forest Conservation Foundation, the Community based Mangrove Protection and Management project was implemented in the island of Biri, aiming to contribute to the regeneration of the mangrove forest in all Barangay of Biri.


For more details about  Biri, travel guide,  accommodation, eateries, contact numbers and others click HERE 

Biri is a gift from nature

A big salute for the people of Biri for the preservation and conservation of their natural resources. 


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