Tawi Tawi’s  Sacred Mountaina

True believer or a mere nature lover, this mountain is worth to visit. – See more at: http://www.albertthebackpacker.com/caramoan-the-philippine-secret-paradise/#sthash.aCroDKHT.dpuf

Bud Bongao is a sacred mountain for  our Muslims brothers , where they climb up for   prayer and ask blessings, good health and good luck.. Bud is a local Tausug word for mountain, while Bongao got the name of the mountain.The mountain is the number one tourist attraction in Bongao, visiting the island without climbing this mountain is incomplete,  for a mountaineers and non mountaineers climbing this mountain is a must to enjoy the expansive views at the summit,the breathtaking scenery  around Bongao and Sanga Sanga and  other outlaying islands of Tawi Tawi as well as experiencing the brothers Muslims customs and traditions…

Trekking Up…

The mountain is 314 MASL (meters above sea level)  for a mountaineers, this high is considered as minor climb or easy climb, with the difficulty of  2/9  trail class. The trail is forested, inhabited by long tailed macaque, believes that they are the guardians of the sacred mountain. . They welcome visitors anticipating that they fed with bananas. Locals always remind visitors to bring a bunch of bananas when climbing up the mountain.

For a regular mountaineers it can be reach for an hour or less in a regular facing, the trail is well defined,  for non mountaineers it might takes for about two hours or more, not because of  the high  or being slippery during rainy days, but having a lot of pause and taking pictures with the primates roamed  from different direction  overhead  making rustling movement,  jumping  from different direction.


An amazing sight and experiences dealing with the monkeys out of captivity.

Fotor0910143758While resting, the primates come closer and become comfortable with  us. they become friendly…maybe because we are the first one to climb in the mountain as early as 6:00 AM, we are also the first to fed them, while they are so hungry.

Getting on top…


Climbing on the top, we notice some of the plastic tied on the trees, getting nearer to the top, the plastic knots  on the trees get thicker, the knot represent wishes by the believers, not only by Muslims, but also with some Christians, that we met on the mountain…


Close to summit or the view deck,  there are three Tampat, (tomb like, covered with white clothes)  they used it for  prayer with Imams. (Muslims Priest)


Viewing Deck/Summit 

The panoramic view of Bud Bongao, simply washed away the tiring and exhausting trail.  Everybody is compensated  by breathtaking view.

A treasured spot….


 At the summit, you can capture the beauty of silvery blue sea, the nearby islands such as Sanga Sanga with its airport runway and other municipalities. …. the boat sailing by the sea,  as well as the outline of Sabah Malaysia.


The sense of achievement on the top is amazing…


 Going Down

Fotor0910164225In our descend, we encountered some groups, along the trail.climbing up for prayer, as a tradition they are carrying a bunch o bananas to fed the primates.



“True believers or mere nature lovers the place is worth to visit”