Back to School Project  

Iraya Manyan Tribe, Sitio Latag, Barangay Udalo, Abra de Ilog

Occidental Mindoro


The advocacies and personal committment  of each member of the group Akyat Aral  to reach out and touch lives of hundreds children and families in different community and ethnicicity in a far mountaneous areas of the country will continue to do so with its program and events.

 Nearly 4 months of planning and preparation for the “Back to School Project”  for the benefits of the Iraya Mangyan Tribe of Sitio Latag in Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro, has come. This includes providing foods, clothing’s, slippers and toys for the communities.


The project aims to provide school materials and personal needs of the students and families are just a part of the project, but instead, the main objective is to inspire and motivate young minds the importance of education for their future.


Inspired with the  advocacy  to find and help less fortunate countrymen the group got inspired by , a docu film by GMA 7, named “300 Kilometro” featuting the Iraya MAnyan Tribe, the group got interested looking into the lives of these indigenous people living differently away from the busy modern city life with only just 300 kilometers away from Manila.


The project is led by Akyat Aral’s 11 man advance team, transporting more than 40 saacks full of donations. They are composed of different individuals who leaves their job a day before the event to secure transportation of gathered donations from Manila, boarding to Roro Boat from BAtangas Pier to Abra de Ilog Port. where it needs to be loaded in a “Banka” from the port to jump off point at Barangay Udalo, then going up to Sitio Latag with help of the locals

The Advance Team

11 man


Reaching Them 

 The location of the project is  already a big challenge to both  members and volunteers, enduring the long travel crossing the ocean, the slippery rivers and the very physically challenging trek up to sitio latag was never an easy task, it is where the passion of mountaineering adventures was now an integrity to promote social responsibility by helping our countrymen  in needs.




The Event

Started with its “OPLAN PALIGO” . A mass bathing activity intended for the Mangyans kids. This need of the community was identified during the groups on site occular inspection last January. During the event, the team shows the local most especially its chidren the importance of proper hygeine. Due to scarcity of resources, this need is often times left out prioritizing more on their foods and other basic needs. Investing in bath soap, as well as laundry soap, toothpaste and toothbrush was never a priority.

Paligo 1

 While doing some task, some member started the repair and painting of the school with the help of some locals.



 While the member of the group is preparing for the program, kids and member of the community are waiting around.


 Distribution of Slippers 


 Distribution of School Uniform


Their New Look 


 Recess  (Feeding Program)

 Feeding program is also part of the event. Giving these children a delicasy most likely that they have tasted for the “First Time” of their lives. A delicious treat for our little anxious and excited guest..=)



 Parlor Games 

Having some fun with the kids  and the old ones too.


 Distribution of Eco Bag Treats

A bag filled with assorted groceries, such as canned goods, noodles, hygeine stuff and more..


 Distribution of Clothes


 Distribution of School Bags and School Supplies 



school bag

 Being a genuine student is a great feeling amongs children with a new school bag full of school supplies, walking in the fields with a new slipper, wearing their new uniforms and most important wearing a new




Full of inspiration and hope that there is a bright tromorrow awaiting them, if they will all strive hard for their future…

With this Akyat Aral Org. believes that we have made a difference,,

One Step at a TIME


Our appreciation for the generous support of our sponsors/donors and volunteers

Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our beloved people in Sitio Latag

Your assistance  means so much to us, but even more to Akyat Aral “Back to School Project”      

 “Ang lahat ng ito ay imposible kung wala po ang tulong nyo.

Salamat sa pagtitiwala nyo sa aming grupo”. 

 ” Ang maging tagapagdala po ng inyong tulong ay isang malaking karangalan sa bawat isa sa amin, sapagkat nakita at nadama namin ang kaligayahan ng mga taong natulungan ninyo.”


“Muli ang taos puso naming pasasalamat sa inyong lahat, sa mga miyembro, sa bawat isa, salamat. maraming salamat”

 None of this would be possible without your help. Thank you for the trust in our group.Being the carrier of your help is already a great pleasure in every one of us, because we have seen and felt the happiness of these people you’ve helped.
 Again our heartfelt gratitude to all of you, 
Thank you very much.


 All this in God’s Glory!

 “Its not how much we GIVE, but much LOVE we put in GIVING” Your simple gesture of generosity could help build a lot of dreams, one step at a time….




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