Surprisingly a Paradise

For younger generation who did not witness the beauty of Boracay 20 – 30 years ago, this is the place is to be.


The Calaguas is a group of island in the province of Camarines Norte Norte, Philippines. It includes the major island of Tinaga and Guintinua, the minor Maculabo Island and other small islands.


Most of the islands are under the Municipality of Vinzons, Camatrines Norte, while the island of Maculabo is under the municipality of Paracale, Camarines Norte.


The most famous is the northern part of Barangay Mangkawayan in the island of Tinaga, because of the long stretch of white sand beach measuring 1.7 kilometers,  the place  also called as “Mahabang Buhangin”  means long beach


A picturesque sandy island,  endowed with natural beauty, along with crystal clear water, still considered unspoiled, and unexploited from urban life style and commercial tourism.


During high summer the place  may get jam packed by tourist,  but the island is remain beautiful that sharing the beach with the influx of the crowd is not something to  bother.



Aside of one private resort,  there’s no proper accommodation in the island, the island is bare, there are certain areas for tent accommodation.



Calaguas signifies a place where you can get closer to nature at its pristine best. A great vacation experience that is simple, rugged, pure. and amazing outdoor experience.


The beach is also blessed with rugged hills on  both end of the shore line, an spectacular sight that  made the place an up and coming leading destination in the region.



On top of the hills you feel that you are in a piece of untouched natural paradise, in a peaceful and quiet settings.


The inspiring view of the sunset, is greatly amazing, where you feel a moment that you want to embrace the scenery.


After viewing the sunset, the lights open up powered by small generator.Watch a mini concert, having good times,  with your family and friends, where you don’t need to spend anything, just sit in the sands, relax,  listen to musics, or jam with them.


 Island Hoping


 Balagbag island stand out among the  others in Calaguas group of Islands.

The place offers more than what you want to see, from serene to rugged, to mysterious dramatic and rocky beach.


 A perfect tropical island adventure, with its tranquil and exotic scenery.
Perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.
Calaguas is another gem of  Bicolandia, run mostly by the local villagers. A backpacker paradise.
Visitors should bring all the foods needed, including cook set and utensils, fresh water and other needs during their stay in the island. No bars, No fast food nor restaurant. There are small store where they sell some basic commodities like distilled water, soft drinks, canned foods and others with a higher cost compare to mainland.
Electricity is powered by small generator, and solar power, good enough to provide one bulb of light.  Charging of electronic gadgets is also available, provided by the said generator. Cellphone signal is limited in few areas of the island.
There are tent for rent, or you can bring your own to minimize expenses. Taking a bath and use of restroom charge PHP 10.00 each.


 There are travel and tour organizer where you don’t need to worry about your foods and accommodation.  There are package that include Bus and or van transfer from Manila to Daet/Vinzon- Manila.

Things to Bring:

Foods and Drinking Water
Cook Set/Burner and Charcoal
Sun Block
Power Bank
Tent or Hammock
First Aid Kit
Camera and Extra Batteries
Snorkeling Gear
Rash Guard
Kikay Kit

How to Get There:

By Air:

Naga City is the nearest airport to Daet, There are regular flight from Manila to Naga City. From Naga there are vans going to Daet. Estimated travel time 2 hours.

By Land: 

There are number bus company in  Cubao and Pasay going to Daet and Vinzon like Superlines, Isarog Bus Line, Penafrancia, Philtranco and Amihan. Travel time 8 – 10 hours, dependeng on traffic situation.




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