Calayan Island A Solo Backpacking Adventure

A place that simply called …A Paradise……

Backpacking is a great way of escaping the insanity of the city…
This is the perfect way of travel, with complete freedom, where you can define things directly…
Being solo can deeper certain experiences.Your hearth and soul will be at peace and one with nature.

Being alone, experience some of greatest revelation about life, the world in all its glory….

It maximizes the potential for personal reflection…

Travelling alone can put everything into details, what you see, what you hear, what you smell, this I could miss traveling with someone else. Travelling with someone else, only portion of the trip will be yours…

Solo backpacking might not be for every one…
for some reasons:
No one will take picture….No one will take care ….
Afraid to get lost on their way….Afraid of silence…

Calayan Island is one of the 7,107 island of the Philippines archipelago. 

Calayan Island is isolated from the rest of Luzon Island .Many may know or heard about the place but still unknown sight in in the past decade, because of its geographic location.A hidden paradise for the backpacker.

Calayan Island endowed with natural beauty, remain unexplored, unspoiled, unexploited from urban lifestyle and commercial tourism…..

A perfect destination of backpacking style of travel, who seek ultimate freedom, independence and spirited travel adventure.

A truly blessed natural wonders, untouched paradise, used to be kept from the outside world.As a solo backpacker its a great place to immerse yourself on the beauty of scenery with peacefulness in your inner self.The quiet and serene surrounding make it complete healing therapy.

Very exotic location, that hold a promise of a perfect tropical island adventure.A perfect place of wanderer and nature loving travelers who seek peaceful and quiet and less populated haven.

Calayan Island
where the waves and the wind find romance….
rock, water and white sand dance….
the sky, forest and oceans get together…
Heaven and earth roll in forever..

I’m very thankful and blessed to have a time to explore this less traveled destination…..

Being on the island and experience its wonders is more than just discovery, its rewarding and unforgettable experience …..

The place offers more than what you want to see, that reminds you that every moment would be a revelation of your life story.

Being solo backpacker gives a lot of time to meditate, and find yourself. I learn to discover of resourcefulness of my own mind as well as the courage to be vulnerable…

To be more strong, matured and transformed…

To have more courage to examine own limits and assumption.

Calayan gives you a memory

composed by mother nature……...

Calayan Island is backpacker haven…

Backpacking gives you a huge advantage taking your complete control of your journey.The experience that come out are the one that will influence your world view and self awareness


The essence of traveling solo is freedom.The opportunity to mix and mingle with other people are wide and open.

life’s  in Calayan is so simple…

You don’t have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really have (V.Howard)

As solo traveler the attitude of being observer gives you a changes in your personal view in your life..

Looking for something awesome?

Discover Calayan Islands….
A paradise……

Dive and discover the mesmerizing beauty of corals and colorful fishes.

Enjoy the the amazing performance of friendly dolphins and humpback whales between the water of Calayan Island and Camiguin Island.

Discover endemic bird Calayan Rail, well known as “Pidding”

Spend a lovely day in the soft milky sand of Sibang Cove.

Embrace the moment of infinite beauty of sun set in this part of west Philippine sea.

And the most, get in touch with Mother Nature, when you admire the rock formation and forest, stand in wonders…

Calayan Island, indeed one of the most beautiful place in the Philippines…

A natural beauty….A backpackers paradise….
Every country, cities nor town needs to be improved and developed to sustained the needs of the people. Tourism is one of the major source of income by providing jobs which helped revitalized, local economies. However, tourism can caused problems for the preservation of the natural resources, loss of cultural heritage and ecological degradation.
I believed that Calayan Islands is just waiting a big break, as one of the the best tourist destination of the country, with its unspoiled beauty, tropical setting, as well as, wonderful people.


Being one of the visitor is this island, i want that this island be preserved, protected, and remain its natural beauty….but we have to consider their people.
The local government shall set strict standard to be comply by investors, that make this island as the next tourist destination.


 Nature was a wonderful place that people could live in.Nature is a wonderful things that could help people. 


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