Calayan Island – A Paradise

Calayan Island – A Hidden Paradise…. …… endowed with nature’s beauty and preserve by its seclusion.

Calayan Island – A Virgin Paradise….. ……unspoiled, unexploited, untouched rock formation, talcum fine white sand beaches,  that give new definition to an island experience.

  Calayan Island – A Secret Paradise….. …… Many have known, but isolated from the mainland of the top of Luzon, its no surprise it remain unexploited from urban lifestyle and in commercial tourism.

Calayan Island – Best Kept Secret…. ……unexplored mountain, forest, caves, and coves, a sanctuary of marine life, and wild life.

Calayan Island – The real gem of adventure…. …..the ultimate island retreat. incredible, spectacular. Perfect experience.

Calayan Island

a perfect definition

of what we called paradise ….

 Sibang Cove is the most popular beach in Calayan, because of the stunning white fine sand beach, surrounded by limestone clip and scenic rock formation with the background of vast green mountain.                            

Calayan Islands, offers a different type of beaches around the island,
that have unique characteristic different to each other.
Like: Sibang, Caniwara, Selpi, and others beaches

From serene to rugged, to mysterious, dramatic, corralled and rocky beaches.

Best place to go, if you are looking peace and serenity.

This place offers what more than what you want to see, with its tranquil and exotic scenery. Best place for relaxing and quiet retreat.

Perfect tropical island adventure.

Under the Water

Enormous sea garden.

Best place for snorkeling and scuba diving. wonderful under water scenery.

The Impressive Rock Formation.
A natural monument..

The rock formation of Calayan Island is made of limestone rock, coral rocks, as well as boulders rocks.

The formation was curved by the combined forces of wind and waves, hundreds to millions years ago.

Best place to commune with nature, Best place to meditate, wondering and appreciate how good mother nature is…..
  Perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Amazing formation sculptured by nature itself.
  A place to go slow, a place that can enhance and create more memories to be remembered…..

Having a nice memory composed by mother nature.
Truly blessed natural wonders….
The Sunset.

The beauty of the sun set in this part of west Philippine sea, greatly amazing,  you feel a moment that you want to embrace this breathtaking scenery.

A painting of picture of infinite beauty…
  The greatest performance of nature…
Land Activities:

The coastline of the entire island is stunning and fascinating.It can be reach by boat, by bike, motorcycle or just by walking.

Walking along the rugged road is more compensated to explore more than what you expect…
A peaceful place.

The whole stretch of good road in the town proper or called Centro is around 5 kilometers. The road outside the town proper is now under construction to make it more accessible.
For Photographer Calayan Island is a perfect spots to create a masterpiece……
(Town Proper)

The town proper is called Centro because this in the center of the community. Here located the municipal  hall of Calayan, the town plaza and their church.


Form of leaving

Life is so simple, peaceful, very clean environment, houses are surrounded by flowers, plants and trees.
The community is so small but big in friendship and respect.

Source of income is agriculture and fishing.


Note: Calayan Island, is far from usual tourist destination no night life, no airport, no ATM, no credit card honored, no restaurant, no resort, no hotels nor lodging house, no public market. 
The Blogger, Albert Thebackpacker prefer to write on his next blog, The Calayan Adventure and find out how to travel as a solo backpacker.


The Group of Islands (WIKIPEDIA)The Calayan Group of Island, formerly known as  Babuyan Group of Island,  form an archipelago located in the Luzon Straight north of Luzon Island in the Philippines. It is seperated from Luzon by the Babuyan Channel and from the Batanes Island to its north by the Balintang Channel THe Babuyan ISland consist of five major islands: Babuyan Claro, Calayan, Camiguin (note that Camiguin island here is different fron the island province of Camiguin in Mindanao), Dalupiri, and Fuga (with two islets is under the jurisdiction of Appari) Geographically the islands are part of Luzon Volcanic Arc. Politically, The Babuyan Island are part of the Philippines province of Cagayan.  

How To Get There?
From Manila,  take the bus for about 12 to 14 hours land travel to Claveria or Sta. Ana or Aparri, or fly to Tuguegarao in Cagayan, or to  Laoag City in Ilocos Norte. That three mentioned towns are the gateway to Calayan. The closest municipality to Calayan is Claveria.

Lampitaw (Motor Boat) for so many years  this is the only mean of transportation going to Calayan Island. From the town of Claveria it takes around 4 hours sea travel, from Aparri, it takes for about 7 hours, it may get longer depend on the winds and waves during the travel.

Today, its a breakthrough for the Local Government of Calayan to own  a medium size Ferry Boat.

The ferry boat is travelling Calayan to Sta Ana with stop over in Camiguin Island. Travel time including stop over is about 4 hours.
For safety and convenient, the ferry boat is highly recommended.

The island is a home of Calayan Rail, (Gallirallus calayanensis) commonly known by the locals as Piding. A flightless bird of the rail.

This island also a home of many waterfalls and caves waiting to be discovered.



The Babuyan Channel is also a part of an ancient migratory path for gigantic cetaceans popularly known as humpback whales. The water of Babuyan Channel are the only known breeding ground in the Philippines of this sea animals.

Sea travel from Calayan to Camiguin is more exciting, where dozens of dolphins and haumpback whale, welcome you by their amazing performance.

Best time to get there.

During summer is the best time to visit the island. From March – May, and even extends  till July. Bad time is during September to February, where the southwest and northeastern  monsoon winds comes in the Indian subcontinent, and south east Asia region.

Facts Unfortunately the place was was judged on their weather condition, we have to accept the fact that Philippines archipelago is located in the typhoon belt. Northern Luzon is NOT the only area in this country suffered by typhoons, instead Eastern Luzon, Bicol Region as well as Eastern Visayas are typhoon prone areas. Those other  part of Philippines was given a equal  media exposure  as tourist destination.



For more information:

*Mr. Ferdinand Mallabo Operation Manager MV Eagle Ferry +639477733904

*Hon. Florencio F. de Guzman Jr. Vice Mayor Calayan Island, Cagayan +639494815416

*Eng’r. Alfonso M. Llopis Municipal Mayor – Calayan Island, Cagyan +6309199317819

*Hon. Tito E. Maquiraya Member Committee Chairman Agriculture and Tourism +639398272591


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