The Island Born of Fire 

Camiguin is an island , province of the Philippines. The second smallest island in the country, endowed with nature’s natural beauty and attractions,both on land, under the sea and its rugged mountains and forest, some are still unexplored, where more  endemic species and animals found, compared to other part of the country.  Camiguin has seven volcanoes, six within the island and one under the sea, that helped shape the spectacular landscape of the island. The eruption of the volcano also produces volcanic deposits that contain minerals when it combined with the rains  produces abundant crops. From its soil, Camiguin become more famous in the country  for their sweet produces specially their lansones.


The island province

Camiguin is a natural paradise, boast kilometers of untouched coastlines for beach lovers, with swaying coconut treess . and dotted with hot and cold springs. majestic waterfalls,  protected marine life and corals reef  is a snorkelers and divers paradise.


Camiguiin is encircled by a national road with a total lenth of 64 kilometers (40 miles),  divided into five municipalities, namely: Mambajao as the largest and the capital town of the province, followed by, Catarman, Guinsilban, Mahinog, and Sagay. Each town are blessed with natural attractions and wonders.


Camiguin managed and established 31 marine sanctuaries scattered around the five municipalities of the island. Marine biodiversity species observed in those sites, ranges from rich corals, schooling jack and other large fishes, gentle sea turtles colorful shells and giant clamp.

White Island

IMG_0477Jewels of Camiguin is an uninhabited white sandbar, generally a horse shoe shaped, but depending on the tide, that gives a different shape, sometimes letter C, sometimes letter I. There are no trees or shelter of any kind, its solely composed of white sands. The place is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. 

Location: Yumbing,  Mambajao
Boat rentals : PHP 400.00/4 pax

Mantigue Island -Nature Park

IMG_1107A four hectares of pristine white beach of powdery coral sand, decorated by a lust of green forest.  A fishing village is located in the northern side of the island, while the other side is a white sand beach with corals offshore, and the opposite side provides a deep drop-off for snorkeling and diving.

Location :      Mahinog, San Roque
Boat rentals:    PHP. 550/6 pax
Environment Fee: PHP. 20.00

Katibawasan Falls

IMG_0878The 250 feet majestic falls is the highest in the island. This beautiful, clear stream of waters is surrounded by ground orchids, wild ferns and boulders.

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Tuasan Falls

IMG_0569The magnificent and untouched water falls is a perfect destination for adventurist. the pool below is deep and clear. The surrounding is un spoiled  and perfect for peaceful gate away, where the only sounds around you is the tumbling falls and running water. The constructions of new concrete road, the water falls is become accessible to any kind of transportation…

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Ardent Hibok  Hibok Spring Resort

IMG_0837The island local hot spa is a series of hot water pools ranges from 33 degrees Celsius – 38 degrees Celsius. The water is coming from the vent of Hibok Hibok volcano, the most recently active of the seven volcano on the island.

Soda Water Park

IMG_0939The spring pool filled with natural streaming soda water in the foothills of Mount Hibok Hibok.

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Santo Nino Cold Spring Resort

IMG_0960The terrific cold spring water measuring 25 meters  by 40 meters sprouting from the sandy bottom of the pool.

Location : 4 kilometers nort of Catarman
Entrance Fee : PHP. 20.00

Macao Cold Spring

IMG_1138The bluish color of the spring, represent the the water is full of minerals. Swimming along the pool accompanied by school of small fishes. The area is surrounded by old centuries  trees that keep the place cool and shady.

Location: Tupsan, Pequino, Mahinog.
Entrance Fee : Free

 Katungan Mangrove Park

IMG_1039A foot bridge where you can walk among some of the most ancient mangroves trees  in the island.

Location: Benoni
Entrance Fee : Free

Quebe Eco Park

IMG_1063A ten hectare forest reservation offers the spectacular view of Taguines lagoon,  situated in one of the most scenic hills in the  island.


Location : Bonbon
Entrance Fee : Free

Tanguines Lagoon Aqua Sports and Recreational Facility

IMG_1079Offers an array of boating  adventures like kayak, pedal and paddle boat.

Location : Mahinog
Entrance : Free

J & A Fishpen

IMG_1094A private resort and restaurant , with a unique lagoon ambiance, where you can catch or select fresh sea foods and  have it cook for you.

Location : Mahinog
Entrance Fee : PHP 5.00

Giant Clamp Sanctuary

DSC00459Fronting the beach is an area designated as a marine sanctuary for giant clamps. Out of the nine species of clamp around the world, Philippines have the seven of  its  kind, six found in the island.

Location : Cantaan, Guinsiliban
Entrance Fee: PHP. 25.00 includes picture taking, area tour with clams laboratory, education and information.

Other Services :
Clams viewing  fee with guide(snorkeling) PHP. 150.00
Mask and snorkel PHP. 150.00
Flippers  PHP. 100.00
Life vest: PHP. 50.00

Provincial Breeding Centre and Ostrich Farm

IMG_1127The place serves as  breeding farm for Ostrich, and other animals.

Location : Mahinog
Entrance Fee: Free (Donation accepted)

Sunken Cemetery 

IMG_0915The original Spanish cemetery disappeared in the sea during the birth of Mount Vulcan in the year 1871 . The provincial government of Camiguin installed a white cross marker in 1982. The marker become at  tourist spot and interesting dive site.

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Catarman Old Church Ruins (Gui-ob Church)

IMG_0537The 1697 Spanish church destroyed during the volcanic holocaust in 1871, it wiped out all the Spanish settlement in the area.

 Location : Bonbon, Mambajao
Entrance Fee : Free ( Donation is accepted)

Santo Rosario Church  


Built in 1882. It has unique interior of sawali,walls,  driftwood chandeliers and adobe stone altar.

Location : Sangay
Entrance : Free

Green Church


Located in the right side of the Santo Rosario Church, it gives the green and nature ambiance.

Location : Sangay
Entrance; Free


Walkway to the Old Volcano & Station of the Cross

IMG_0502Winding up the slope of Old Vulcan, are the life size statues depicting the fourteen station of the cross.

Location:  Bonbon
Entrance Fee: PHP.5.00

Moro Watch Tower

IMG_0629A 1598 settlement used for watching enemy coming from Mindanao. Located inside the ground of Guinsiban Elementary School.

Location :Guinsiliban
Entrance Fee : Free

 Philvocs Monitoring Station and Museum 

IMG_1162The observatory houses a seismograph and monitor Mount Hibok Hibok. This is also a museum about volcanoes and a site where you can get the breathtaking view of the island.

Location : Mambajao
Entrance Fee:  Free

Camiguin Ancestral House


Surprisingly ancestral houses in Camiguin are not included in places of interest in tourism campaign of the island. Ancestral houses are abundant, scattered around the  island,  remain neat, preserved and functional.

Mount Hibok Hibok


Among the seven volcanoes in Camiguin, Mout Hibok Hibok is the most famous where it remains active. The view on top during sunny days are great and spectacular.

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*.Panaad Held during Holy Week since 1981, thousand of devotees walk the 64 kilometers circumferential national highway of  Camiguin ending at the Station of the Cross walkway up to the slopes of Old Vulcan. The walk is done as the expression of penitence and spiritual enrichment. Many locals provide drink and snacks to the devotees as they walk around the island and a series of other events, both secular and religious are held to complement the walk.

*.San Juan Hibok Hobokan– Held every June 24 to honor St John the Baptist. Water sports,, boat races and fluvial parade are all part of the activities, this is also the time when the coveted tittle of Miss Hibok Hibokan is awarded.

*.Lanzones Festival- The biggest party on the island is held every October to celebrate the sweetest lanzones produced in the Philippines. It is a 2 weeks of activities and events culminating in a grand parade with ethnic and street dancing competitions and all the fun of the fair. It is hectic time to be here as there is always something going on and the locals encourage visitors to join.

Camiguin Transportation Rates:

Van Rentals (Air-conditioned) PHP. 2,500.00 good for 10-12 pax
Munticab ——                                 PHP. 1,700.00 good for 8 pax
PHP. 2,000.00 good for 10-12 pax
Jeepney Rentals                               PHP. 2,2000.00 good for 16 – 18 pax
Motorcycle Rate —                         PHP. 800.00 With driver
PHP. 400.00 -without driver

Rates covers an island tour of maximum 8 hours, bargaining skill is also needed to get some discount.

Moterala or Tricicle PHP. 8.00 minimum


How to get there

From Manila take a direct flight to Cagayan de Oro City of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Phil., Air Aisia-Zest, Flying time approximately one hour and 20 minutes. From Cebu to Cagayan de Oro City, flying time around 30 minutes.

From Cagayan de Oro City airport take avan going to Agora Market and get a Bus for Balingoan, around two hours travel time. From Balingoan Port take a ferry bound to Camiguin Island, Travel time around one hour.

There is also a ferry boat from CAgayan de Oro City , and Bohol bound for Camiguin. For more details, please visit:




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