International Travel Magazines, Lonely Planet

describes Caramoan as

The Philippine Best Secret Paradise


Caramoan and the rest of the island are just amazing……..
Its truly beautiful paradise…
a real gem of Bicolandia…
Its  hold a promise of a perfect tropical island adventure.
Decorated with the panoramic scenery of green mountain, a mountain of untouched  forest.

249681_267237786726107_491070941_nA crystal clear water blended with the blue Pacific Ocean

Wonderful underwater scenery, beautiful colorful fish and corals.
A unique rock formation of lime stone cliff.
Beautiful island of powdery white sand beach.
A truly blessed  natural wonders.
Untouched paradise charm, used to be secret from the outside world.

The Home of Survivor International TV Series.

Survivor, France, Bulgaria, Israel, Sweden, Holland,

India and U.S.A.

The reason why the SURVIVOR international TV series a favorable location because the contestant really feel that they are far away from civilization.
Caramoan become famous , when the French Survivor TV Series ” Koh Lanta Caramoan”
Started their shooting, year back 2008
 Through that generated media exposure it follows by other franchise of Survivor International TV series.

Caramoan is a place worth to visit, a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.  A place to go slow, a place  that can enhance more love and romance and create memories to be remembered.

Simply a Paradise…

Caramoan give island hoping new definition:

The Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience !

Gota Beach

 The most famous and most  visited beach in Caramoan. Recommended for those who don’t mind paying extra for somewhat more luxurious beach escapade.
Lot of the time, it was close to public, and occupied by the crew of SURVIVORS.
The resort is surrounded by towering limestone cliff, covered by green vegetation and has two coves of white sand .


Is one of the beautiful beach in Caramoan. It have a hidden lagoon inside the rock formation. It was called as the legendary home of the of the Bangus (Milk Fish) couple. the story of it, one of the fisherman speared one of the Bangus, and cook it. as a punishment the fisherman’s family died.
To see the lagoon, climbing is a challenge, but it is rewarded with the slippery  sharp edged of the lime stones.
Up on the top, you will see the panoramic view of sea surrounding Matukad, and of course the enchanting lagoon, where you will find the Bangus swimming around.

House of Birds


One of the Survivors use in their  filming, of their TV series.

Just  for fun,
we assumed that we are
SURVIVOR cast away.

 Lajos/Lahos Island


Lahos means in Tagalog language “Laho”, in English “Vanish”
During high tide it eventually disappears and only be seen again during low tides.
Lajos has a fine white sand shore in between two identical limestone  cliff.


At the other end is a lush of green grasses, while the other end is a desert of white sand bars during low tide.


I was not preferred for this stunning beauty. This is my first time to see  the what they called sand bar.
When we arrive in the place the water is going down. A perfect moment, observing   one beautiful place to another wonderful  place, a breathtaking transformation.
This is like a desert of fine white sand bars, with a backdrop of green tropical island and clear ocean waters.
Experience of being lost in the paradise of sand.
 The presence of nipa hut and balsa, look the place more gorgeous.

 Sabitang Laya

In Luksuhin group of island. It have three wonders: The unique rock formation, the twin beach is a long stretch of white sand that can reach two kilometers when it combined.,  and the other side is Bag-ing a best place for swimming and snorkeling.

It was also claimed to be SURVIVORS favorite shooting location, among other island.

Sabitang Laya give perfect place for photography
Good place for snorkeling.


 Bag-ing gives an enormous garden of corals reefs, inhabited by different colors of fish and and species of sea creatures.
Great wonderful diving experience.

Island Hopping

During low tide, Caramoan  gives you another experience. You need to take  small banca that bring you to a deeper part of the water and take a bigger boat for island hopping.
Or you just walk from the boat to shore or from shore to boat.
  Island hopping is really great experience.
Overwhelmingly beautiful islands and islets .
The sight are so refreshing.                             

Beach Bumming

Picnic and Party


For active and adventurous souls and nature lovers, this is the place for you…

 Our Lady of Peace

 A view of faith and endurance.
Located in the highest point of Caramoan, facing the Caramoan Peninsula 
True believer or a mere nature lover, this mountain is worth to visit.
Climbing more than 500 steps are in needs of physical and mental strength

Caramoan Town

The small town Caramoan is one of the 35 municipalities of Camarines Sur, situated at the heart of Caramoan Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Luzon

 Caramoan is isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur. An unknown site in the past decade because of its geographical location.  Only few people heard about or know where it is, and even their local Bicolanos has never been in this wonderful island.

Walking along the street is very peaceful, very few vehicles pass, such that you can just walk even the middle of the street. Most of the establishment are closed at around 6:30pm.
Definitely NO NIGHT LIFE in Caramoan, and be reminded NO ATM and NO CREDIT CARD HONORED in Caramoan.

Hotel Accomodation and Foods

 Special thanks to
For their warm reception, nice room and good foods.
Saying goodbye Caramoan on our last day.
But those days are not enough.
Many picture  to post, many words to write.
But picture and words are not enough, for this wonderful experience.
Who don’t get in love with this place?
Again…Goodbye Caramoan………
 But………I’ll be back……..
* I’ll be back because two days island hopping is not enough to see all the wonderful islands and islets of Caramoan.

 I’ll be back to explore majestic caves of Caramoan like Manipis Cave, Bulang-bulang and Culapnit Cave.
 * Ill be back to experience an overnight camping in one of the Island and stargaze at night.


 Our Caramoan Tour Guide

Joseph Valencia  a licence very accommodating tourist guide, who assist us in every move we made and give informative talks through nature and history of Caramoan

Fore some information and package visit him in the following face book account:
1. Caramoan tour guideJoseph Valencia,
2.Caramoan Tourist Guide.
Mobile number
(Smart) 09284791024

How to get there? 

From Manila to Naga City
(By Airplane )  around 1 hour
(By Bus) around 8 to 10 hours
From Naga to Sabang Fort
(By Private Van) around 1.5 hours
From Sabang to Guijolo Fort (Caramoan)
(By Boat) Around 2 hours
From Guijalo Fort to Centro (Caramoan Proper)
(Jeepney) around 1/2 hour

Photo Credit to:

Jane Berame

Caramoan Tour Guide Joseph Valencia.