Bagong Tuklas Resort, San Narciso, Quezon Province (Bondoc Peninsula)

An Strange Beauty  Bagong Tuklas   means New Discovery is situated in a unique location which will appeal to people who love nature or are simply seeking solitude and tranquility, away from … Continue Reading →


San Narciso, Quezon Province (Bondoc Peninsula)

 Blessed with Unsurpassed Natural Beauty  Travelers and adventure seekers who dreams for nature  and more to being natural,  San Narciso, Quezon is a great place to discover. The quiet town of … Continue Reading →


Napinto Cave, San Narciso, Quezon Province (Bondoc Peninsula)

A Natural Wonder in Unexpected  Place Napinto Cave is situated on the foot of  dramatic rolling hills, of Sitio Caghaligue, Barangay Punta, San Narciso, Quezon Province, Philippines. Napinto, is coming … Continue Reading →

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Kamhantik Heritage and Ecological Park, Mulanay, Quezon

 Century Old Sarcophagus Sarcophagus is a box like funeral receptacle or a stone coffin most commonly carved in stone and displayed above ground. Sarcophagus (Singular) or Sarcophagi (plural)  is first … Continue Reading →

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Tigbi Water Falls, San Francisco, Quezon

A Natural Landscape Peace finally comes to Bondoc Peninsula.  Once a hotpots of insurgency  in the province of Quezon,  a new day rises to ceased the armed conflict that affected … Continue Reading →

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Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon Province

An Island of Strange Beauty  The long and exhausted travel is worthless upon the first look in the island Few meter away before the boat dock the shore,  you will … Continue Reading →