Wawa Dam, Sitio Wawa, Barangay San Rafael, Rodriguez Rizal

Formerly Montalban Rizal Sitio Wawa has become popular  not just because it is closed to the towns and cities of Metro Manila, but the various activities and stunning views around the area … Continue Reading →


Mount Bincayan, Rodriguez Rizal

Climb to the Clouds Mount Binacayan at 424 MASL is the least in terms of difficulties compared to the two mountain attraction in this part of Sierra Madre mountain ranges, … Continue Reading →


Mount Hapunang Banoi, Rodriguez Rizal

An Opportunity to Pit Strength, Courage and Determination Mount Hapunang Banoi is the most challenging among the three mountain in Rodriguez Rizal, when it comes to level of difficulty, altitude … Continue Reading →


Mount Pamintinan, Rodriguez Rizal

The Friendly and Riches Mountain in Rodriguez Rizal Mount Pamitinan is one of the three major mountain attraction, nestled in the foothills of Sierra Madre Mountains ranges in Rodriguez Rizal (formely … Continue Reading →


Lioness Back and Rhino Rock, Norzagaray, Bulacan

 Thank You for the Memories   Photo credit: Roam Romer / Gala Ph  It was a sad news to all outdoor enthusiast who has been and to those waiting the re-opening … Continue Reading →


Ando Island, Borongan, Eastern Samar

A Nature Lover’s and Adventure Seeker’s Paradise Sunrise is one of the unique experience in the island of Ando. To witness,  you need to get-up  early and chase the time … Continue Reading →


Divinubo Island, Borongan, Eastern Samar

An Island for Fantasy and Adventure Divinubo Island locally called as “puro halipot”   means small island, is   facing the pacific ocean,  roughly 3 square kilometers island , The island … Continue Reading →


Biri Island, Travel Guide (Manila-Biri)

Witness the Mighty Waves and Amazing Rock Formation  The amazing rock formations littered along the coastline of the northern part of the island are the primary attraction and visited by local … Continue Reading →


Biri Rock Formations, Biri Island, Northern Samar

The Number 5 Philippine Gem Biri Island is largest island off the northers coast of Samar Island, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and San Bernardino Straits to the … Continue Reading →


San Narciso, Quezon Province (Bondoc Peninsula)

 Blessed with Unsurpassed Natural Beauty  Travelers and adventure seekers who dreams for nature  and more to being natural,  San Narciso, Quezon is a great place to discover. The quiet town of … Continue Reading →


Napinto Cave, San Narciso, Quezon Province (Bondoc Peninsula)

A Natural Wonder in Unexpected  Place Napinto Cave is situated on the foot of  dramatic rolling hills, of Sitio Caghaligue, Barangay Punta, San Narciso, Quezon Province, Philippines. Napinto, is coming … Continue Reading →


Mongpong Island, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque

 An Island of Good-Natured People Mongpong island is the farthest from the mainland Marinduque,  this is  19 kilometers away from Bayubod port of Santa Cruz,  and about an hour travel … Continue Reading →


Ungab Rock Formation, Mongpong Island, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque

 A Natural Rock Arch Formation A natural arch, natural bridge or less commonly, a rock arc is a natural rock formation where rock arch forms, with an opening underneath. Most … Continue Reading →


Apayao Province

Cordillera’s Last Frontier for Nature Richness  Apayao is a landlocked province of the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. The capital town is Kabugao, but the Capitol building … Continue Reading →


Bimmapor Rock Formation, Quirino Province

A Nature Sculptured Rock Formation  Bimmapor Rock Formation is located in Barangay Pongo, Nagtipunan, Province of Quirino. The rock formation serve as a natural monument in the heart of the … Continue Reading →