250003_10150212959846359_4948281_n (1)Being a traveler and adventure seeker, picking the right backpack in every trip is an important things that I always consider. The kind of adventure, the kind of difficulties as well as the the period of time and weather condition. 

At present backpacks are overbearing of imported and expensive backpack like, Deuter, Columbia, North Face and many others.  Those backpack maybe durable but I always need to consider my budget.

Roaming around the malls is an old routine to find something that I need, but at the end is a frustration on my part. The design must pass in my taste, the quality must be durable and lastly the price if I can afford to buy it.

One time, un-mindfully ,  I type the word backpack,  there are numbers of site come out, I saw Zalora. When I click it I found that  Zalora Philippines offer a wide variety of Backpack for travel

After spending few minutes of online search I  got a good result when I landed with the site of Zalora Hawk Bags. From here I remember something in my younger days when I purchased my very first Hawk Backpack.

The price is a little bit higher than those available in a public market, but I really like the style, the color and the design, plus the explanation of the sales lady that Hawk bag is under a warranty and the durability is guaranteed. They allow to repair or an option to replace if found that there are factory defect, just bring the proof of purchase.

420043_10151031654031359_1972911035_nThe quality, innovation and reliability is the nature of the Hawk Bags.  The lock-stitch uses two separate treads  that made the seam stronger. The upper and lower thread intertwine between the materials creating a tension lock underneath the fabric.

After 3 years using my Hawk backpack I’m getting tired, asking myself, when it will get damaged or destroyed. We are not a rich family, my mother will never buy unless your things needed to replace a new one. I’m very thankful to my cousin, when he asked me to borrow my backpack to use it going abroad, he told me that he don’t have hand carry bag, I told to my mother and she agreed.  I’m so happy because I able to helped my cousin and surely he give something when he back home and I can buy a new backpack again…

Buying online in the country is no longer new, but remain new in my case. When I visited Zalora I understand the advantages of online shopping, they offered a wide variety of good at discounted prices, No need to jostle in mall, stand in a long line to pay and no traffic.