Coron my first solo backpacking experience…

This is the beginning….

For almost an hour land travel from the Busuanga Airport ( Francisco B. Reyes Airport), finally I reached Coron Town Proper . Since I go for a cheap travel, I have no reservation, because I believe that small hotel / Lodging House or Inn cannot afford to have their own website. I ask the driver where to find a cheap hotel, then he drop me one of the lodging house in the corner of Coron Public Market. He called somebody to assist me and bring my belonging inside the lodging house..Upon check in, off course I have to pay for my stay. I was surprised, when the hotel staff said ‘just pay at the end of your stay”. I whisper “wow” they easily trust people. In other places you have to pay in advance for your stay but in Coron stay first and pay latter.

Coron Town Proper is just like old little town. My impression to their people are all good, little bit shy but theres a feeling of that they are proud of their place…. But….poverty is still there among their people ( pardon me for my observation, correct me if I’m wrong) Only business person whose business is related in tourism industries are the big gainer because of the coming of tourist local and international.

Coron Town and Coron Island shared the same name w/c can be confusing. Coron is the largest town of Busuanga w/c is part of Calamian Group of  island in the province of Palawan, as they called The Last Frontier.

Coron Island is the day trip island hoping destination for all visitors., aside from snorkeling and scuba diving, The island  coastline is a rugged limestone cliffs. There are few small white sand  beaches, have a lot of lagoons and lakes. In general, Coron Island is like a magic, wonderful natural landscape, breath taking , good holiday destination.

Los Siete Picados is a very nice place for snorkeling, there are many corals and colorful fish. ( Tip: always bring bread when going to siete picados, fish is coming when you throw a piece of bread in the water)

Twin Lagoon is a very nice  lime stone wall, dividing the two lagoons, connected by small passage.

The passage will be seen during low tide, where you can swim directly to go inside of another lagoon. During high tide, you have to step up to wooden stair to go to the other side.

Kayangan Lake has been declared as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. And one of the most cleanest lake in Asia

Banol Beach – One of the most popular small white sand beach in Coron Island.  The place is very quiet and relaxing. Most of the tourist stopped here  to take their lunch

 Barracuda Lake-Another lake in Coron that is worth  to visit

Reminder to all non swimmer

Don’t be afraid to jump into water because all the boat man and  tour guide are licensed
and trained under the supervision of local government of Coron,
plus the fact that you are wearing safety life vest

Mount Tapyas  the highest point in Coron, located in town proper. Going up there is not  easy, it made up of around 750 steps. It requires you a great sense of willingness and determination to be able to reach the top.( Not advisable to weak and sick people)


Every country, cities  nor town, needs to be improved and developed for the life of their people………

But…..I hope that Coron will not be over developed like Boracay.
Let Coron stay as what Coron is…….
Let hope and pray that Coron be spared and protected, for the next generation