Experience the Static Convergence of Sky, Sea and Sand



The small remote and unexploited paradise island of  Cresta de Gallo or Isla de Gallo (local name Isla) is  lying off the shore of main island of Sibuyan.

Sibuyan Island is isolated and not connected geologically to any part of Philippines archipelago  making the place serene and stunning.


The undeveloped state of the island gives an impressive sights, which called the whole island Sibuyan as “Pure Nature”.


Walking along the glorious strand of sand going to the other part of the island in its unspoiled state is a fascinating experience . The aquamarine water around  is stunning clear, where waves kiss both shores so gently.

We are eight in the group, but we still find ourselves to have our own  place for quiet time, and considered it as our own paradise.





Totally no recreational and water sport facilities and desirable useful feature, but  it has everything that gives experience, simultaneously happens that provides a great time to immerse with pure nature.


The Other Side of The Island




The other side of the island is not only about the sand and the sea, its about the rugged side with rock formation and its vegetation.



The rock formation likened to sea turtle facing the sea.


The  little wilderness dominated by old bonsai trees






In between two narrow shore, there are also a wide flat area where you can pitch your tent. There are also some native hut which can be use for sleep or a shelter  when it rains.



I am a budget traveler that constantly chasing time in order to pursue everything according to itinerary and plan but this island made me calm and found out the best visit for this island is to stay overnight.

Cresta de Gallo has everything that gives experience that simultaneously happens that provides a great time to become one with nature. Sunrise and sunset are two great moment to appreciate natural beauty.

The sunset immortalized everything, it boost everything in me and enhance my life satisfaction. A quiet experience.



A magical moment at night. Our camera may not justify the milky way, but by our naked eyes, we  explore the wonder of the universe, by just  lying on the ground till we fall asleep.



How beautiful is the sunset, sunrise is also a new things to watch. It difficult to disprove and deny the joy of witnessing vista of lights fill the sky. When it ready to shine is the most beautiful part of the day. It represents a new hope for having a new day. Nature is a wonderful thing. The beauty that shines through many ways.



The island is inhabited by a couple who serve as care taker of the island. According to other visitors, Cresta de Gallo is advisable for day tour only. No amenities at all, even small sari sari store nor any potable water. When you want to stay, you need to bring everything.

To bring everything you  need maybe difficult but the experience in the island is priceless especially for those who crave for challenges and adventure, as well as to those who seek privacy because the place remain undisturbed by real world.

This piece of place offers peace, quiet and a perfect place to commune with nature. Best place to reset life and best place to create a memories to remember.




Bring back your garbage’s. Garbage is not pretty picture, it not only affect the island beauty. It may sweep by the winds and fall into into the sea that can harm the marine’s life, and or the substance of the garbage’s that leak in soil and water resulting the quality of water to detonate and affects aquatic ecosystem.


For Arrange Tour and Travel Itinerary 

You may contact Sibuyan ISLE (Sibuyan Island Sentinels League for Environment Inc.) They offer package tour through their Community Based Ecotourism Program. For other information you may contact them at mobile number 0905-285-0700 or email them at kalikasan101@gmail.com



Special Thanks:

A gratitude to friends, from Espana, San Fernado Romblom to fulfill this journey. Thank you for the warm reception.