An Island for Fantasy and Adventure


Divinubo Island locally called as puro halipot”   means small island, is   facing the pacific ocean,  roughly 3 square kilometers island ,

The island as well as the whole province of eastern Samar is exposed to many natural calamities especially, typhoon, cyclones, surges  tsunamis and other  that involves strong winds and water. The last two disasters resulted severe damages in  their properties and livelihood are typhoon Yolanda Inetrnational name Haiyan)  and Ruby (international name Hagupit).


Divinubo Island  is one of the two vaunted wealth island (Ando Island is the other one) of Borongan that gives an epic journey where in every corners  and every turn gives unforgettable and unique experience. The isolated location has a vast arrays of undisturbed and pristine eco-system.

The islands  are saturated with natural attractions, that  holds a promises to be one of the eco tourism destination in the Philippines. The islands offers a vastness of creamy white sand and turquoise water, An amazing rock formations and sea caves.  A magical natural pool around the islet, a friendly faces and many more.


Divinubo island is a great place of refuge for someone to commune with nature and a great gate away from the hustle bustle life in the city.

It has no mean of transportation just alleyways and trails. but the beauty of the  islands is unparalleled.

The Light House


After unexpected  warm welcome from the locals, the first destination is the light house . The walk is around 15- 20 minutes  along a concrete stairs and trail.

IslandBorongan, Eastern Samar

The old light house is electrically operated, constructed by the american engineer in 1906 to locate and guide ships passing the pacific ocean. Unfortunately the old one  give up due to age and the numbers of typhoons hit the area . Today the new light house is powered  by a solar panel.



On the top of the light house is the magnificent view of pacific ocean and at the back is the coconut plantation.   Under the occasional clouds and blowing of winds from the sea, inevitably you  feel the comfort.

Natural Swimming Pools


There  are numbers of incredible naturally formed pools around the island. All are charm and breathtaking.


Nature as natural architect has no comparison. The natural pools gives spectacular  environment to dive into.



Some natural  pool located in Canperogdot (Northern part of the islad) are exposed during low tide, but some are remain, either low or high tide. Some are stealthy like an underground cave. According to locals its about three meters deep. Before typhoon Yolanda and Ruby devastated the area, the corals under this water are enormous.


Dipuro-e  located in southern part of the island, is one of the natural pool, that never change the beautiful appearance either in low or high tide.  Despite the strong waves in the Pacific Ocean thumping this part of the island, the water  is calm because it surrounded by rock formations that look like small islets and a shallow rocky coast.


The natural pool that resembling like a lagoon is pretty perfect site for swimmer and nature lovers. The  crystal clear water is amazing.

They don’t have  recreational and water sport facilities and a desirable useful feature  for this time, but the natural pool is  good for swimming, snorkeling,  boating,  kayaking and stand up paddle (SUP) and many others water activities. Its also nice to imagine  that someday, there is a big bamboo raft in the middle of the natural pool that serve some drinks and foods.


The backdrop of the Dipuro-e natural pool is like a cave opening, but it is a natural arch, because other entrance/other side is visible from each other. This natural arch is  a new window/door opening for another wonder that remain kept in the island.

Before the strong typhoon, the locals enhance the area, but  it was devastated.   even though it was damaged, it remain beautiful, there are  wide shady areas, to take some rest and for picnic.


While resting from the arch and looking at Dipuro-e ,  it was  observed that there are rocks littered in shallow part of the sea. The two contagious rock are called Goto Yolanda, Goto means in their local dialect is Rock. Goto Yolanda, because it carried by typhoon Yolanda from somewhere under the deep of pacific ocean.  The other one rock  according to them is carried by another typhoon way back in the year 1938. Other rocks was already exist  since before their forefather are born.  Not recorded, maybe each rocks scattered may  have  story to tell while humanity is thin or not yet exist in the island. . Those rocks  are silent witness how nature created this beautiful island into a paradise.

The Rock Formations


Spectacular rock  formations in different formed are grow like mushroom from the ground of the northern part of the island.


The rock formation that formed into different processes usually involving deposition, grain by grain,  layer by layer as the effect of natural forces such as erosive power of winds and strong surge of the sea.


The incredible strength of natural forces made the island rock formations into distinct  and interesting shapes that according to geologist such formation aged millions years.

Experience Nature



The treasure of the land and sea has become the most appreciated view of the island. With the imposing rock formation is a perfect combination of the open sea and calm natural pool.

Divinubo has everything, it gives experience that simultaneously happens that provides a great time to become “ONE with Nature” 




The eastern part of the island is facing the pacific ocean, where big waves and strong winds are coming.


Caves or sea caves are usually hollow place in the ground. It formed by the erosive force of water and a fierce power of waves in zones of weakness in sea cliffs that erodes quickly than the neighboring hard rock. By the erosive process sea caves are formed into a hundred thousand to a million years.



There are many caves along the shore of the eastern part of the island, but only two are noted and has a name, the  Arapel Cave and Kaghagdanan Cave.



The stalactites may not be  distinctive but from the entrance of the caves it is a  fascinating place and  an extremely interesting  for adventure seekers.

Sea Shores






The island offers a different type of beaches that have unique characteristic different to each other.From serene to rugged, to mysterious, dramatic, corralled and rocky beaches.

The place offers more then what you expect, with its tranquil and exotic scenery. Best place for relaxing and quiet retreat.



 The mangroves as well as the corals reef that use to be a sanctuary of  fish and other organism seeking foods and shelter are deteriorated. The Talisay tree that used as shelter,  protection and or shield of the visitors are damaged. But now the corals and the mangroves begins to recover. The locals plant a new Talisay tree as a  shade for the tourist and visitors. 




Some of the trail going to south eastern part of the island, is obstructed by damaged and fallen trees. I never feel a loss of not reaching this part of the island, because what I saw is much more  than expected. And or, maybe, this is  a reason for me to come back in the island to explore and discover more  especially those under their sea.

Other Things to Do




To balance my fairy tale illusion in this  island, with my guide  cum photographer we  do something  extreme.. He joined to passed through some  hole and climb trees and rock formation.Undoubtedly the island is great place to experience fantasy and adventure.


We saw crabs (Tatus as the local name), that according to the locals it cost more than Php. 1,000.00 per kilo, the most expensive and most delicious crab in the province. The crab stay long on the top of the rock but unfortunately I cant press my camera for many times of attempts pressing the button.


The local government of Borongan is  promoting the CBRM. CBRM is community-based resource management program to help the local community as alternative source of income, where the island is depending in fishing and agriculture (copra) , in which  the income where not enough especially during storms and typhoon that always  affected their agricultural products. . Fishing during the northeast wind  is perilous, where the waves in pacific oceans is very big.

CBRM is not only to help the local community but to empower the local community. This is an approach to conserve, develop and recognize the right to manage and receive benefits in sustainable use of the island’s variety of  natural resources.

Unfortunately the CBRM accommodation,  cottages and other resources managed by CBRM .  is totally got damaged by typhoons Yolanda and Ruby and nothing remains. Now they able to build the new  club house and the cottages.

 Despite the circumstances happened, the Borongan tourism continue to support the said community organization as alternative income and soon be a major economic contributors.

The entrance fee for visitors is PHP 10.00 per person. You can also set up a tent of PHP 100.00 per tent or rent one of the cottage for PHP 300.00 and the tent will be free.

 There are also a folding bed for rent for Php.50.00.  You can choose where you want to sleep, inside the club house or near on the beach or wherever you want.


Other Accommodation



 There are also some private resort and one lodging house where you can choose to stay. 

Way of Living



Fishing and copra is the main source of income, but in spite of the unexpected events that destroyed their properties, they continue to live in a simple and peaceful life. The community is so small but full of friendship and respect.

Electricity and mobile signal in the island is available.


 There is elementary school in the island, but the high school and college students  are  travelling by boat daily to the City for their studies.

How to Get There?


 Located about approximately 2.5 kilometers off the cost of Borongan City proper. The island barangay can be reached via Barangay Lalawigan (Php.17.00 per person in shared motorcycle) and take  motorized banca for about 15 minutes. ( Php. 15.oo per person) For small group, ( 2-4 fax)  boat rental is Php. 300.00 -Php. 400.00

Contact  Details:

  • Ronaldo Lapada – CBRM President – 0917-603-2440
  • Ramil Azura – my guide – 0921-601-7828

Divinubo Island is a  perfect definition of what we called paradise…

Best place for photography enthusiast to create a masterpiece.


Details about Borongan-To Follow.


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Special thanks: 

  • Borongan City Tourism Office
  • CBRM Divinubo Island
  • Local Community of Divinubo