Sitio Bulak, General Tinio, Nueva Ecija


With the Mission to give hope and help our needy countrymen, Akyat Aral Org is on a look out once again for another community to help and conduct its charitable projects.  A friend of one of AA’s Officer,  Mr Dave Macariola, the Tourism Officer of Gen. Tinio, Nueva Ecija got to introduce to us the the Dumagat Tribe of Sitio Bulak in Rio Chio, N.E., Though he is really promoting their municipalities priced gem, the “MINALUNGAO” National Park, he also asked the group to help their Minorities ,and  that’s how it all started.



The Dumagats are of the Agta Negrito group found in Luzon, another indigenous people living in the Sierra Madre Mountain range. The Dumagats are semi-nomadic. They are moving from palace to place in search of better habitation. Recently the Dumagats learned to live permanently, in the different location of Luzon.


Akyat Aral deployed it 2 officers namely;  Sherill Bacani & Emer De Jesus to went for an ocular inspection of the place. With the assistance of Mr Macariola & a member of an NGO in Gen. Tinio, Ms Carmen Manuel, they were able to climb up to Sitio Bulak riding a motorcycle locally called as “Kolong-kolong” owned by the family of Ms Aileen Pajarillaga, the Volunteer teacher of the school situated in Sitio Bulak.


Armed with the belief, advocacies and personal commitment to reach out and touch thousand of children and  families in different community and ethnicity. The Akyat Aral  two  man team never wasted time and immediately proceeds to Sitio Bulak, a two hours ride with the Kolong Kolong( a kind of tricycle) to find out the needs of the people and most especially  the kids


Getting more time for an interview with the teacher, they learn more about the teacher, and they discovered a new breed of (unsung) heroes of our nation, in her own little way, but a big help on her students as well as the Dumagat community in Sitio Bulak.


Teacher Aileen was teaching the Dumagat for over 4 year. She together with her family had devotedly been helping and teaching our “DUMAGAT” brothers and sisters residing in this mountainous areas  of Nueva Ecija. Enduring the travel the travel up the muddy and treacherous trails going to the sitio just to teach these people is already a big challenge.

She had been teaching the Dumagat kids with little less school supplies and utilizing all resources just to ensure that her students would be able to learn to at least read and write.



 In Sitio Bulak, there is only one classroom, and it is not either a formal learning school accredited by DEPED, it is only a DSWD Day Care Center, with only an integrated learning system only focusing only basic skill learning like reading and writing. With an interview with the school Teacher Aileen Pajarillaga


 She is very concern about their classroom, since the rainy season has arrived, she’s afraid that the room would not withstand storms/typhoons since it is only made up of “sawali”(a thin sheet of weaved bamboo strips) and that the walls and flooring are already dilapidated and the roofs are leaking.




 Our goal for this place is to be able to repair or much better to build new classroom for this community

To our two man team congratulation, job well done..


Let’s give them hope and help build their dreams.


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