Dupinga  formerly known as Sabani is a remote paradise in the midst of Sierra Madre Mountains in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. The stunning view, set a beautiful landscape  with green trees and mountain surrounded the river.

  A  place of pristine silence  when it blend to the sound of rushing river it gives a beautiful rhythm.


The clean and refreshing scenery of running water, coming straight from the mountain of Sierra Madre, inviting every one to have a dip and refresh from a long travel.


The tropical scenery is like a therapeutic healing. A wonderful stress relieving place.


Some areas of the river are calm , while some part are rapids that enhance more trill for water activities.


All part of the river are swallow, but need extra careful going to the part where rapids are strong. During heavy rains the river  flowing so fast, safety precaution must observe.

Dupinga Cyn 1

 A part of the river can be viewed along the highway going to Dingalan, Aurora Province (end of the highway) made it popular stop over by truckers/travelers and become popular through word of mouth, till it was featured in one of the TV documentary, confirming that the place is a great place to visit.

 The community in the area including indigenous Dumagat built a cottages for their income.  There are also some mini store for some immediate needs of visitors, Visitors are advice to bring their own foods because there no eateries and restaurant in the area.


Prices of the cottages is ranging from  PHP 300 during off peak, during summer it price goes up toPHP 600.00 -PHP 800.oo , during holly week goes up to 1,200.00 depending on the sizes, all rate are at per day basis. This is time the locals  earned, during rainy days they remove their cottages especially when river overflowed.

Today videoke are available and included in the rentals of the cottages.


For tight budget, just find a place where you can stay and  place all your belongings. Free of charge.

 During Holy Week,  the place are filled with visitors coming from the different part of the region.


To date, the local government of Gabaldon  initiate  the improvement of the area as a tourist spot. Development of the place includes some guidelines especially the proper trowing of garbage’s.


Gabaldon is located in the easternmost town of Nueva Ecija and a boarder of Dingalan, Aurora Province, 171 kilometers northeast of Manila, the capital of Philippines. Daily trip is available from Cabanatuan City, bound to Dingalan, first trip available at 6:00 am. Travel time from Cabanatuan, by  own car, about 1 hour, by commuter bus around 2 – 3 hours.

All road from Manila to Dupinga are all concretes,  passing the beautiful mountain landscape and sceneries. From Laur Nueva Ecija the awesome view of farmland of different produce of Nueva Ecija including rice fields.

From February to April in Laur,  the view of onion plantation is another sight to witness..


Gabaldon Tourist Destination

  • Stone Age Resort
  • Gabaldon Falls and Eco Park


How to get there

By Public Transport

From Manila, there are numbers of bus company  bound for Cabanatuan City, like Baliwag Transit, Five Star, and ES Bus along EDSA near Cubao, Get off in Cabanatuan Central Terminal then transfer  a jeep or bus bound to Dingalan.

By own car

Option 1. Take the North Luzon Express way, then exit in Sta Rita Toll Gate then proceed to the Cagayan VAlley Road, upon reaching Cabanatuan turn right  to the what they call crossing, upon reaching Salupungan of Palayan City turn right again  this is the last and only highway going to Gabaldon.

 Option 2. Take the NLEX, exit at Dau, then enter SCTEX and exit at La Paz (last toll plaza of SCTEX). Turn right towards Zaragosa (opposite direction of Tarlac) until Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija. Turn left at the intersection of Sta. Rosa towards direction of Cabanatuan upon reaching Cabanatuan turn right  to the what they call crossing, upon reaching Salupungan of Palayan City turn right again  this is the last and only highway going to Gabaldon.


Tourist Destination in Nueva Ecija




  • Historical House of General EmilioAguinaldo
  • Camp Pangatian Shrine
  • San Isidro Town (first Cry of Nueva Ecija)
  • Dalton Pass


Special Interest

  • Gross Ostrich Farm 
  • Philippine Carabao Center
  • Pantabangan Dam
  • Philippine Rice Research Institute
  • Hunter Valley Plantation and Resort
  • Pangatian Concentration Camp
  • Diamond Park
  • Agricultural Museum
  • Fort Magsaysay
  • Food and Vegetable Seeds Center
  • Living Fish Museum
  • Rubber Dam



  • Sibuyas Festivals
  • Taong Putik Festival
  • Pandawan Festival
  • Gatas ng Kalabaw Festival
  • Araquio of Penaranda
  • Longanisa Festival
  • Baybayanting Festival
  • Pagibang Damara Festival
  • Ragrasak ti Guimba Festival
  • Kariton Festival
  • Kapagayaan Festival