The advocacy and commitment of Akyat Aral Organization continues to reach out by touching  lives of children and families in different community with different ethnicity  in  the  far mountainous areas of the country lives on.


The group program expanded to the new recipient, the community of Sitio Mapidya.  The project is called “Unang dalaw sa mga kapatid sa Sition Mapidya” ( First visit to our brothers and sitters in Sitio  Mapidya) The program “Mission of Hope for the Children”  is not just providing materials things, and personal needs for the students and families  but contributes a positive change to their standpoint as indigenous people, communities and as individuals. Part of the group’s advocacy is to assist and give them a measurable influence in handing back the power of change as indigenous communities.


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 In four years’ time, the Akyat Aral volunteers and members are accustomed to take and pick up donations from anywhere. They also buy for the other needs and repacked all the donations collected. The volunteers are giving their time, energy and skills freely, as an ultimately generated desire and enthusiasm to give help to the children and families especially to those in far mountainous areas in the country.

Getting there.


 After almost 3 hours of travel from Manila, we transfer to another vehicles called Skeleton, to travel for another 4 hours just to reach the Sitio Mapidya. The road is difficult, uphills, rough  and uneven.


Our group was divided into two vehicles, the other one got miscommunication with the other driver that resulted a lot of delays and they need to transfer to another vehicles (six by six types of vehicle) while ours  got flat tires and it happened twice.


The long rocky and sloppy river crossing.


The physically challenging journey towards Mapidya doesn’t hamper the passion for community service of the members of Akyat Aral. Walking and trekking in the mountain in the midday heat of the sun, skipping meals, inadequate sleep, heavy rains, tiredness and many other physical challenges are all worthless compared to the joy, fun and happiness they can give to the communities they visited.

Sitio Mapidya


The sitio is located in the heart of Sierra Madre mountain under the jurisdiction of Papaya Nueva Ecija is the habitat of the  Dumagat and Igorot tribes.


Akyat Aral projects aims to provide school materials and personal needs of the students and the families such as school supplies, medicines, old cloths and others necessities including toys for the kids. And above all,  to inspire and motivate young students the importance of education for their bright future.

Distribution of School Supplies and Loot Bag 

Schhol supplies


Distribution of Slippers



Medical Work



Distribution of Old Clothes

Old Cloths

Food Stuff for the Community

Food stuff



Cooking of Foods



Eating Time

Distribution FOOD Fianal

Eating Time


Parlor Games

Parlor GAmes Final


Put Smile in their Face.


 The mystery of giving is revealed when you saw a delighted smile from their face.


The contagious smiles of the children that we use to see in every event,  takes away all the hardships  and sacrifices we encountered in every visit. The very essence to which the group seems to be very addicted to.

Bubble gang Final

Their smile teaches us in some of our resentment in our daily life in the city. As a volunteer our hands are born open and sometimes empty, but our heart is always full, and we can share things out of that.

It was a great and memorable day for both of us, the community and the Akyat Aral members and volunteers. It was a great opportunity to join them, be satisfied and be flattered to our self-playing with simple things and feel happy and contented with these people with limited wants.


Akyat Aral believes that we give hope and inspiration. Our mission of hope continues, one step at a time.

Our sincerest Thanks to all of our sponsors, donors and volunteers.This wouldn’t be possible without your help. Thank you for trusting Akyat Aral as a channel of your blessing. Its a great pleasure in every one of us, to experience and feel the happiness of those people you helped

In kind and cash donation accepted

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