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Fortune Island –    known as abandoned island resort  in Batangas Province in the Philippines, owned by the clan of  former Governor of Batangas Province,  Jose Antonio Leviste. The resort opened in the 1995, as Fortune Island Resort Club, exclusively for the members of the club, and for those well known personalities including politician and those who can afford luxurious life. The resort build along  20 meters stretch of pristine white sand. Rest houses build facing the seashores. The resort also features a salt water swimming pool, club house, cabana, basketball court, helipad, desalination  for fresh water consumption and small serpentarium , a reptile zoo for snakes.

After the operation  shot down in 2006,  it was leased and reopen for public last November 2013  by the second lessor, a  group Korean National Businessmen.


The main attraction of the island is the acropolis with Grecian pillars and statues built in the top edge of the island.


The best time to stay in the pillars  is during dramatic exit of the sun. This gives a photographer a perfect spot to create a masterpiece.

 A painting of picture of infinite beauty.


Sunrise and sunset is the beauty to watch, it gives a different reflection in the pillars. Here you  feel the moment that you want to embrace  this breathtaking scenery.


 There also a replica of dedicated to San Diego, a Spanish warship that sank off the island December 14, 1600. The shipwreck was discovered in 1992 by French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio

 To commemorate the discovery, former Batangas Gov. Antonio Leviste and his ex-wife, Sen. Loren Legarda opened the MV San Diego warship museum in the island.


During the terms of Ex-governor Leviste, the island has  been parceled out into the seven lots reportedly titled in the names of three companies: The Fortune Resort Club, Inc., The Meridian Pacific Hotel Corp., and the Batangas Bay Development, Inc. Former governor holds either majority stocks or has interests in these companies.


Some government officials believes that Leviste’s ownership of Fortune Island underwent “scheming procedures” to acquire both judicial and administrative titles. These believe that these titles should never been granted for two reasons, firstly, the island is classified as a marine reserve under proclamation 1801 issued in 1978 by former President Ferdinand Marcos and secondly, section 16 of PD 705 ( The revised Forestry code) which provides that “areas less than 250 hectares which are far from, or “areas needed for forest purposes and may not, therefore, be classified as alienable that subdividing Fortune Island into lots was a “ploy” to skirt environmental and other pertinent law.


  Batangas is divers heaven, Fortune island maybe one of the best diving site.

Best place for snorkeling and scuba diving. wonderful under water scenery.


 Unfortunately the management and the people around the island never know how to conserve and preserve this natural beauty. Boat anchor  was just thrown anywhere without considering that coral may get damaged.


The island is also called mysterious island, there’s a monument of human bones, according to the caretaker the remains belong to a woman, where it was found during the construction of the island,  he said the  ghost of the woman roam around the island at night including of those who died in sea disaster near the island.

Some says its unfortunate island. In the recent history of sea disaster, fortune island is a part of it. On December 13, 1995 the MV Kimelody Cristy, a passenger ferry own and operated by Moreta shipping lines -caught fire and sank off fortune island on its way to Mindoro leaving 17 dead and 16 missing. September 19, 1998 the MV Princess of the Orient, a passenger ferry owned by Sulpicio lines, on its way to Cebu sank off Fortune Island, resulting the death of 70  people.


The  pillars is now deteriorating from crack and rust and might not last even a half of the decade, visitors must be careful holding it and other structures, are insubstantial to hold, that might create accidents. Rest houses, cottages  and other amenities are no longer functioning.


 Going to the island you can stay  for just  a day, for overnight stay you need to bring a tent. No store nor fresh water available, bringing extra food, cook set and fresh water for drinking and rinsing is recommended.

Some cottages are still standing, it can be used free of charge. Visitors, can used it in cooking, eating and even in socials at night.


 Damaged structures and other amenities not affected the natural beauty of the island. Fortune island still hold a promise of perfect tropical island adventure.


There are some interesting points in the island, especially for water sport enthusiast: 1. Blu Hole, 2.Coral Garden, 3. Coral Reef 4.Lobster Rock  5.Yunha’s Reef Garden 6. Dessert Point  7. Club House 8. Zeepney Point 9. Angkla Point 10. Acropolis 11. Red Rock 12. Bet Cave 13. Turtle Point 14. Lubang 15. Lubang 16. Twin Rock 17. Soft Wall 17. Shark House, 18. Stepping Stone

For more details about  Fortune Island look for Ycel Bermas 09155047166


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1.Bus from Manila to Nasugbu Batangas.
There are several Bus company going to Nasugbu Batangas, in Cubao, Pasay and in Buendia near LRT station.  Travel time 2 -3 hours depending on the traffic. Earliest travel like 4:00 am or earlier  is recommended to avoid traffic, and wave crossing to the island is calm.
2. Drop off,  Nasugbu town proper, near Jollibee,  there are many boat canvasser/fixer  in the area, offering a boat, better not to bargain  with them.
3. Take tricycle, proceed to barangay Wawa, Tricycle fare  PHP 10.00 per person.
4. Get a boat. Bargaining skill is needed. Boat rental range from PHP. 4,000 – 6,000 for two days(overnight). Boat travel is from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending the waves. Boat can accommodate 10-12 persons. Overloading during summer are common, just to earn money for them. Coast guard is not visible.





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