Borongan is saturated with a natural attraction that are excellent and considered as one of the best in the Philippines.  This is a home of  clean rivers, waterfalls, unexplored caves, beautiful beaches, water sport activities, like surfing, …under water and many other gift of nature.

Two of the vaunted wealth islands of Borongan are the Divinubo Island and Ando island,  both gives a different meaning of travel and adventures. They offer more than what travelers expect, with its tranquility and beautiful scenery. Both islands are considered a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers because of the spectacular and enchanting beauty and being remain unspoiled.

_DSC0998Divunubo and Ando, required a boat ride, where during the south wind the waves are strong and not advisable to visit the island.  Hilangagan is  a  perfect  getaway destination in all weather situations (12 moths in a year) It can be reached in 16 min (13.3 km) by car or motorcycle from the city proper of Borongan.


Hilangagan Beach is a white sand beach, properly maintained  by the local community.

Many adventure seekers and beach lovers can only explore the beautiful places in the country, mostly on weekends  and long holidays, still with limited time. Because of the accessibility of Hilangagan its easy to insert into any trip in Borongan, and get inspired in the beautiful landscape.




With pristine white sand beaches, gorgeous tropical backdrops, tourist  marvels in the beautiful landscape of the resort.



There are many cottages and tables around. You can bring your own foods, from fancy to a classic picnic foods, or demonstrate your simple cooking techniques in grilling fresh fish or marinated meat beside your cottage or table.


You can also bring some books to read while listening to the ripples slamming the shores.

There’s no distracting crowd that gives you the calm and quiet environment.


Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Photo Credit: Gumbu Limbo Nature Center 

The place is also visited by sea turtles and they have their own place to lay their eggs

Sea turtles are one of the earth ancients creatures, they are exist for more then 110 million years, since the time of dinosaurs

Sea turtles are categorized as reptiles, they are loosely related to other reptiles  including snakes, crocodiles and lizards.


For the active people, the beach front is wide, where people can enjoy various beach activities. such as beach volleyball where they have volleyball net in beach front.


Getting There:

From Borongan city proper ask where the tricycle terminal  going to Barangay Punta Maria or commonly known as Point Mary. From the proper it i takes around 15 minutes ride.




From the main Barangay of Point Mary, it needs to walk in a ascending concrete road, till you reached the trail like road, that leads to the resort.


For those travelling with their own vehicles, there is a big parking space before reaching the stair down to the resort.

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