Apayao’s Hidden Treasure


Lussok Caves hides 4  spacious chambers and 27 smaller chambers that has a different story to tell. Three of the chambers are commonly use by spelunkers, and adventure seekers  for recreational activities.




 Getting inside to explore the cave you need, to take a boat or bamboo raft along the green placid river. Another option is to cross the river and trek in the lower bank of the river and cross again in a swallow part.


The magnificent  entrance of the cave, is an awesome view from the anterior and behind with the crystal clear underground river that flow out from the main chamber of the cave.


With the PH First random journey, the purpose of the group of spelunking was momentary forgotten, instead everyone got amazed with the natural beauty of the place.  The entrance of the cave is magical, and enough to appreciate the majestic land escape, created by nature’s at its best.


A wonderful spelunking experience within the network of  awesome speleothems that carefully sculptured by nature itself.


Exploring the unknown in the dark is pretty exciting.


Spelunking start on the right side of the cave, where you need to push oneself in a big steps to get inside  of the first chamber.




The speleothems,  known as stalagmites and stalactites have such great variety of shapes, and forms, as well as the colors that almost each of them is unique in appearance.


  The crystal stalactites hanging in the ceiling and stalagmites from the floor is amazing, considering it was formed by water dripping from fractures on the ceiling of a caves. The grow rates are so slow, that once broken, it cannot recover during the human span of  time.


 Each formations is unbelievably slow, it takes 500 to 1,000 years for a cubic inc of calcite crystal to be formed.

 Stalagmites and stalactites must be consider in the country as natural heritage objects and be protected by the law,  any collection, destruction, mining, selling including vandalism inside the cave must be punishable by law.



There are some narrow trail, but most are wide.


Some slippery and difficult trail, but still considered manageable.


While having a rest, everybody are smiled, enjoying the natural design of nature.


End of spelunking. The difficulties encountered is rewarding.


Going back to jump-off, you need to traverse the forest part of the area.


 Traversing in almost dark is challenging, but everything is worth.


Lussok Caves is situated in barangay Dagupan,  town of Luna (formerly Macatel), province of Apayao. Luna is one of the 7 municipalities encompassing Apayao province.

The whole province of Apayao is potential eco-tourist destination.  This is a great place for  travelers and adventure seekers. This is the home of natural wonders and gift of nature, that are excellent and considered as one of the best in the country.



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 Special Thanks:

  • PH First – for organizing this random journey. 
  • Apayao Tourism




  • www.apayao.gov.ph
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