An Island of Good-Natured People

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Mongpong island is the farthest from the mainland Marinduque,  this is  19 kilometers away from Bayubod port of Santa Cruz,  and about an hour travel time.

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 The eastern part of the island is a kilometer deserted long white sand beach, where crushed corals are scattered.

The northeast of part of the island is the distinguished diving site of the entire province of Marinduque.

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 Mongpong island, offers a different type of seashores, from white sands, to rugged, dramatic, corralled and rocky   that gives a different consciousness to all visitors.


The impressive rock formation of Ungab, served as the natural monuments in the island. This rock formation is the most visited part of  barangay island Mongpong.

For more details about Ungab Rock Formation, click HERE

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The tranquility and serenity of the place offers more than what the visitors want to feel and experience.


The island rely on farming and fishing. might not be enough for them to live abundantly but the preference to live in a simple life is their choice. The people are very courteous and gracious, the reason  the island is an island of good natured people. maybe because Marinduque is categorize as the second safest province in the Philippines next to Batanes, due to its near-zero crime rate statistics

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The coastline of the entire island can be reach by boat, by bike, motorcycle. or just by walking.

The narrow, look like a walkway is the main road in the island. No cars or any 4 wheels vehicles can pass through.

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 The picture above is in Sitio Bayanan, considered as the main or the center of the island, connecting all the road going to any part of the island,here the Barangay hall, the port and the church.

As going around,  no stray children in a dirty clothes found around. no sign of poverty, despite the fact that the villagers is dependent in fishing and farming in a seasonal mode.

It was said a perfect place to relax, to meditate  because simplicity is the main view of the island. The island is noiseless, except for the sound of the waves.

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There’s no exact source of water supply in the island, they are dependent in a rain and in a deep wells. They store water during heavy rains to have used during sunny days.

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Most houses own a big jar, used as water storage. Household learned how to store water that withstand for long time, and remain it clean and safe.

 Power supply  is limited from 3:00 pm to 10;00 pm, except for some homes that afford to buy solar panels.

Mobile phone signal is available, but no internet shop in the area. The modern  technology through mobile phones helps visitors to remain aware to the events outside the island.

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Just right at the port, and other part of the barangay island, visitors can pitch their tent. household rest room can be use, however the difficulties of water supplies it sold Php.10.00 per container.

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Aside from seashores, visitors can also stay and sleep in the barangay hall.

There is one resort in the island the Casa Marino Resort, room rate for non air-con is Php1,500.00 and the air conditioned room is Php. 2,500.00, the price included one native cottage. Numbers in each room is not a matter, as long how many will fit.

 Because of their  modest attitude,, they are shy, to let  us stay  in barangay hall, due to the possibilities that no one will assist us.   The barangay Councillor accompanied us in Casa Marino, when we know the rate, we refused to stay, instead we insist to stay in barangay hall. The charitable attitude of the care taker,  Nanay Pina, offered us to pay for a very very  minimal price.

Aside from Casa Marino, there are no other tourist facilities in the island. There are many stores around the Sitio Bayanan, complete for basic commodities, including mineral waters, cup noodles, canned foods and others, but a little bit higher price.

Sea foods are seasonal, if by chance that there are many fresh seafood’s, local are willing to cook at very minimal charge.



How to get there?

Mongpong Island, especially the Ungab Rock Formation, is commonly part of island hoping from Maniwaya island, where Palad sand bars is  one of the highlight.  If visitors intend to visit and stay in the island, there are passenger boat from Catanauan, Quezon, and Bayudbod port in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque that leave both port at around 10.00 AM, there are also some special trip from Catanauan that leaves the  at 7:00 Am.  Travel time is around 1 hour, boat fare Php. 100.00 from both port.

For some information, special trip and other details you can contact Kagawad EfrenPueltilano 09071832439. For Casa Marino Resort reservation, look for Nanay Pina  Ruga at 09215085771 and Gina Ruga, 09202770523.