Climb to the Clouds


Mount Binacayan at 424 MASL is the least in terms of difficulties compared to the two mountain attraction in this part of Sierra Madre mountain ranges, the Mount Hapunang Banoi and Mount Pamintinan.


The Mount Binacayan and Mount Pamintinan is a part of Philippines history and legend. One of the famous myth is about Bernardo Carpio as a legend of being of great strength, is trapped in between two great rocks in the mountain of Montalban (Now Rodriguez Rizal)  There are many version about his story, one is keeping the two mountain from crashing into each other.

Bernardo Carpio also relate to earthquake, as considered an etiological myth, that explains the occurrence of earthquake, in the area, where his legends originated. That area of Rizal is a home of West valley Fault System (previously called Marikina Valley Fault System)


Another part of the tale of Bernardio Carpio, when he successfully pushing the two mountain from grinding, a river channel formed, as they called it Montalban George (wawa River). This river is an amazing  sight seen on top of  both mountains.


The trekking started in a  residential area  with a wide ascending  concrete road. When the road end it gradually  turn into a trail. The vicinity is like an agricultural terrain, followed by a rocky trail, where rock scrambling started.


After the big rock wall in the first stop, its physically demanding activity. This requires a long steps in every limestone rocks to another. Each body lift using your hand was really painful because of sharp stone that almost wound the hand. Climbing the three mountains in this area,  requires a hand gloves.

But, what a big surprise.  A sea of clouds. Its an enchanting feeling, being in another world. I remember Mount Pulag, there are  many people who dream to climb Mount Pulag to experience to be above the clouds.  But not all are blessed of sea of clouds. Many are sad, relying on their return they would experience the sea of clouds.

Unlike Mount Pulag, where you spend a big amount of money, in Mount Binacayan (barangay Wawa)  from Cubao you just spend  Php.50.00 for Fx and Php.7.00 for jeep a total of Php.114.00 round trip fare, where you can climb the two nearby mountains, you experience caving, you will learn a lot about our history, experience river, dam and many more about nature.



We mesmerize in the beauty of the place. we enjoy the fresh morning air. The climb is worth it.



Picture pa more. This is the advantage of the small group, where picture taking never delay the climb.


The only regrets we have, is if we never waste time in the jump off, if we just proceed earlier and witness for the sun peeped over the horizon and wait it to bloomed by it full glory. Its not easy to disprove the joy of witnessing the vista of lights fill the sky.



Its a wonderful  things, where the beauty shines through many ways, we forget that there are still two mountains we need to climb for the day, the Mount Hapunang Banoi and Mount Pamintinan.



When gradually warming the clouds gradually disappears. it gives another wonderful scenery, the meandering Wawa river below and the parts of Sierra Madre mountains ranges in Rizal province.


Last picture in the summit, that offers a 360 panoramic view.







For more detail about Sitio Wawa and Wawa Dam, rules and regulations,  transportation expenses and  how to get there …Click..



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