An Opportunity to Pit Strength, Courage and Determination


Mount Hapunang Banoi is the most challenging among the three mountain in Rodriguez Rizal, when it comes to level of difficulty, altitude and length.  A difficulty of 4/9 and a trail class of 1-4, it requires rock scrambling to reach the 517 MASL scenic views on top of its three peaks rock formations.

Sharing with the trail with mount Pamintinan at the place where it called junction at the elevation of 277 MASL, from the junction where mountaineers can get rest and buy something. The left trail leads toward Mount Hapunang Banoi and the right side is at Mount Pamintinan.


Well, as it said, Mount Banoi requires rock scrambling, it needs good head for height, coupled with fitness and agility. Rock scrambling is the difficult part of the hike.  At several points its need the hands and arms or the strength of the upper body and the legs to pull up over the giant boulders  to get through the path.


This hike involve lots of awesome and potentially (dangerous) rock scrambling.


Scrambling is adventurous and exciting that allows you to explore more dramatic in hidden crags and summits that are not accessible through normal hiking activities.



There are some tight spaces and sometimes crawl on top of the rocks.



It involves climbing over, around, underneath and in between rocks.


Peak 1 (overlooking Mount Pamintinan)


Peak 2


Peak 3

Mount Hapunang Banoi, had 3 peaks that called peak 1, peak 2 and peak 3. All these three peaks are a sight to behold nature around.




Aside from the beauty around the three peaks of this mountain, there are a lot of beautiful sight along the way.

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