Number 8 ASEAN Heritage Park


(Hibok Hibok Crater, Photo credit – Camiguin Tourist Association)

Yumbing – Tagdao Traverse 
1332 MASL , Difficulty 4/9, Trail Class 3
Base diameters: 10 kilometers


Camiguin Island, popurlarly known as an “Island Born of Fire”  is located 9 kilometers off north of Mindanao Island, Philippines is a 292 square kilometers oblate, 20 kilometers long island composed of 4 overlapping stratovolacanoes

Mount Hibok Hibok ,  is one of the active volcano in the country and part of the pacific ring of fire.

Mount Hibok Hibok  is not the highest peak in the island, instead Mount Timpoong at 1450 MASL.  Mount Hibok Hibok became popular not only as the youngest volcano in the island, instead historically active because of its 5 times eruption ,  recorded since 1827 to 1951 where hundred’s of  people died.

The most common jump off is at Ardent Hot Spring in Tagdao, and descend in the same place, The Ardent trail is shorter but rather more technical, the altitude is quite rapids and bouldering skills are required. After a years of being popular climbing destination, a new trail in Barangay Yumbing,was opened,  although there’s a lot of  sharp turn and twist, the trail is called a friendly trail, where vibrant  green vegetation are awesome sight to every climber.  The Yumbing trail started at coconut plantation and other fruits bearing trees including the popular fruit in the island, Lanzones.

Lower Trail 


During season, lanzones are found along the trail of Yumbing

Mossy Forest


 Mossy Forest in Yumbing trail, is decorated with a lust of green, endemic  vegetation.




Entrance of the crater, covered by thick grassland and wild ferns.


The crater lake.


Guava Trees scattered near the crater.


The icy cold crater, trying to enjoy the place, where we have a deep rest and lunch, . Zero Visibility .
While resting, we feel stream cold, while the strong winds blows together of a thick fog (According to guide its fog not rain) where we totally get wet. Instead to swim as a first plan and be affected with the severe weather, we continue to trek going to summit.

Assault to summit


The steep and slippery trail. but manageable.


 My guide, hmm,  i’m ahead of him. LOL.

Highest Peak


Getting to the highest peak needs a skillful maneuvers, where loose rocks and boulders are rumbling, a slip is catastrophic. Since the peak is free from any obstruction, the weather is more challenging, where winds blows from different direction.


 Thanks, I made it!!!  The place is surrounded with fogs, and fogs again… The rain pour (again the guide said, its fogs) No view at all, its all fogs, every where.  According to him, during sunny days the view from the summit are the Bohol to the north, eastern Mindanao in the east, and Siquijor Island in the west. The view of crater and the mossy forest are also a sight to be seen.



 The highlight of the  summit during sunny days is the view of the white sand beach.

No clearing at all but still considered as a priceless experience.



The challenging and more technical trail during descend, where loose rock and eroded soils are in your  way.


The sun shines heavily during descend.


The Philvolcs (Philippines Institutes of  Volcanology and Seismology) observatory along Ardent trail.


The awaited view on top of the summit…the perfect view  but due to no clearing on top it was not taken in its best form

End of the trail.


 Ardent Hot Spring is the end of the trail

My guide


 Ronald  ” Hibok-Hibok” Rabile  (+63)0910-659-3349 for smart  and (+63)905-978-3183  for Globe and Touch Mobile.  Ronald  often go with most of the mountaineers bloggers.  A responsible and reliable guide.

Hiking Notes:

*.Hiking permit of PHP 200.00 from DENR office is required
*.Guide is compulsory,   Guide Fee PHP 1,200.00 per day.
*.Trail time traversed estimated 8 hours, bring extra trail water and foods for lunch.
*.No check point to any jump off , no trail sign, many foreign/local climber sneak without any permit and guide that resulted to them to get lost and encounter accident.


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