Cuenca Batangas
Minor Climb
Trail Difficulty: 2/9;Trail class 1-3

 Mount Macolod, sometimes called Mount Makulot is a mountain located in north-west of CuencaBatangasPhilippines.

This mountain is a tourist attraction to the municipality. The mountain is about 600 m (2,000 ft) tall and it is also located next to Taal Lake.Mount Makulot, a 600-meter (2,000 feet) high volcanic rock wall, is said to  be part of Taal Volcano’s crater rim. Some scientists contend that Taal Volcano was once a massive volcano before a violent eruption caused the slopes to cave in. This caused water to rush in, forming a lake that left only the tip of the previous peak exposed, and that is now known as the current Volcano Island. The slopes of the previous volcano now formed ridges surrounding the lake, with Mount Makulot as the highest volcanic cone on the south side, Tagaytay Ridge on the north, and at lower level, the lake shore settlements surrounding Taal Lake.(WIKIPEDIA)

Mount Maculot is one of the famous destination of mountaineers. the trail is busy and sometimes having a traffic of hikers coming up and coming down.

Children are visible: from the based camp, to the trail even on the top of the mountain. The parents of these kids might found out that climbing is one of the best form of family bonding, as well as to awaken the young children the importance of mountain and forest preservation.

The “Rockies” is located on the the northern side of Maculot. Affords a novel view of the mountain, the lake, the volcano, as well as the towns and the cities in the foot of the mountain.

 Stunning view, awesome rock formation, beautiful landscape, super incredible, spectacular.

The majestic view of Taal Volcano as well as Taal Lake plus some view of part of Laguna Lake is really amazing.

 The difficulty of climb makes it really worth.

The blow of the winds, the lust of green forest, blue skies, the entire surrounding  make it complete gate away from stressful routine in the city.

Arriving  the “Rockies” climbers are scattered around the summit. They are silently sitting on the edged of the rocks, taking time to feel the joy of watching such wonderful view.

Mount Maculot is adopted by the Philippine Air force for the purpose of the preservation of the mountain. The marker is place at the view point at the other end of Maculot facing the “Rockies”.

TV commercial and writes up in a number of magazine authenticate that the majestic view of this mountain is world class.

Trekking to this mountain required a little patience. Trekking don’t requires to run like in competition. This is just a fun activity for all ages.

Advisable to climb during dry seasons, the trail is become muddy and slippery during rainy season.


This mountain have it own stop over from the foot of the mountain, to the middle and on the topwhere you can buy, eat, drinks, such as halo halo, buko juice, energy drink mineral water, biscuit and some sitsirya. but the price is not just little bit expensive, instead the some of price is almost triple (Except buko juice and halo halo). Its better to bring own drinks and trail foods.

This is another rewarding experience that I am proud of myself.

In my simple way of appreciation, surviving Mount Maculot is a milestone of achievement in my mountaineering experiences.



Transportation Expenses

Manila to Cuenca Vice Versa (134.00 X 2)                           268.00

Tricycle Town Proper to Jump Off (28.00 X 2)                       56.00

Plus some baon                                                                __________                                         

 Total                                                                               PHP. 324.00