The Friendly and Riches Mountain in Rodriguez Rizal


Mount Pamitinan is one of the three major mountain attraction, nestled in the foothills of Sierra Madre Mountains ranges in Rodriguez Rizal (formely Montalban Rizal). The two other mountains are Mount Hapunang Banoi and Mount Binacayan. These three mountains  have in  common, the priceless view above their summit but it provides different level of difficulties due to the existing limestone crags and marble boulders in  its trail.

Sitio Wawa is about an hour from Cubao, it serve as the major jump-off  to all kind of adventure seekers and nature lovers.



Mount Pamintinan and Mount Hapunang Banoi, shared their trail and attraction in the lower part of the trail such as the edge of limestone wall and the old Balete tree. The two mountains separate at the place where they called “junction”.

The junction is a place where mountaineer can take their rest and buy some drinks and foods. Foods and drink at the junction are cost double and sometimes triple.

The view point 





One by one picture,  enjoying the beautiful scenery.


A three finger sign, mean that this  is our third mountain of the day. Our thigh and knees are wobbly because of a long years of absence in our old passion, the mountaineering. We were busy for how many years in our outreach program the Akyat Aral it reach out our less fortunate children of different ethnicity with the group continuous program and events.

The Summit




We assume it finished. But there more..The summit.


The trail




Mount Pamintinan is called,  the friendly mountain in the area, because this is the easiest and less in difficulties because the distance is short compare to the two mountains (Mout Hapunang Banoi and Mount Binacayan)  It had only two major assault and the trekking time from the junction is around 30 minutes in regular pace, There still a sharp rocks along the trail but lesser  and the upper trail is covered by bamboo grass.


The Wealth


The natural wealth of  Mount Pamintinan is the cave beneath this mountain. The sparkling speleothems  inside the area, where they called  “Dambana”  was amazing, considering it was formed by water dripping million years ago.

Rich in History

April 12, year 1895, Andres Bonifacio, along with other Katipuneros declared the Philippines independence from the Spanish empire inside the Pamintinan cave. The wall still bear the inscription of “Viva La Independecia Filipinas” from the tome of the Philippine revolution.

During World War II, Japanese soldiers occupied the cave and used as stronghold headquarter.

June 21, 1996 Pamintinan cave was declared a Historical  Site by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.



Mount Pamintinan and Pamintinan cave, with or without historical  significance gives the beauty to behold, inside and outside.


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