Barangay Janosa, Binangonan, Rizal
Minor Climb,
Difficulty 2/9, Trail Class 3


Talim Island is located at the center of Laguna de Bay, lake under the municipalities of Binagonan on the western side and the municipalities of Cardona  on the eastern side in the Province of Rizal, Philippines. The island is rich in bamboo grass, which islanders makes different types of furniture’s. It is the main source of their living, and fishing is secondary.

One famous feature of Talim Island is Mount Tagapo well know as “Susong Dalaga” (Maiden Breast Mountains) Two huge mound of conical hills resembling the female breast, which are the highest peak of the Island. (WIKIPEDIA)

The climb is unplanned,
We are supposed to bound for Laiban Dam in Tanay Rizal, for final
and actual application of the Practical Mountaineering Course, conducted
by FIMO (Filipino Mountinerrs, Inc.)
the training includes rappelling and river crossing.
But due to heavy rain the night before, the activities was declared canceled.
Unfortunately, the declaration of cancellation was announced at around 3:00 AM,
and not all the participant are informed.All uninformed members  proceeds in the meeting place in Shaw Boulevard,
we make tambay there and wait for the coordinators, till there somebody who informed as
that the lakad was canceled.So… from there we have some talks, since everything was packed and we are ready
for whatever….. some of us decides to have a climb…. eight of us agreed.. so… here it all started..

Mount Tagapo is my
very first and unforgettable climb…
……….i joined  the people that I never knew……
Now i know……..they are the great and awesome people….
an adventurous outdoor enthusiast,
A responsible mountaineers.
A fantastic people  who have strong awareness of protecting mountains and forest
They are also the people who climb with a lot of cause and charities.

From Shaw Boulevard we proceed to Binangonan Rizal. Binangonan Port is our starting point going to Talim Island.

Binangonan is a first class urban municipality. A thriving fish port is found here, having a long coast line facing Laguna de Bay.(WIKIPEDIA)

We board in the big Bancas, and from there the adventure begins…..

Laguna de Bay (Filipino: Lawa ng Bay; English: Lake of Bay) is the largest lake in the Philippines and the third largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia (in terms of surface area)   Laguna de Bay drains to Manila Bay via the Pasig River. The lake is one of the primary sources of freshwater fish in the country.

Upon reaching, Barangay Janosa in Talim Island, we went straight to Barangay Hall to register. (Registration is SOP in every climber)

This is also serve as our jump off.

I have an adventurous soul, but climbing is not yet belong to the list of my adventure. Since this is my first climb, trekking to this mountain give me a great challenge and perseverance.






Since there a drizzle, the difficulty and trail class of climbing Mount Tagapo raised up.
The pathway is like a canal, there is a flow of water straight up the trail,
Some are filthy of bamboo vines, some are so steep and the whole trek is muddy and slippery.

At the mid of the climb i feel strain in my legs.
I got a lot of scratch and bruises from the constant slip.

After that much  technical part of the trail, you will reach a high grasses, this is mean that
you get closer to the end of the trail.

I cant get pictures when we are climbing up because of being tired with a heavy load at my back,
The pictures was taken mostly when we are going down.

Reaching the base camp is already accomplishment

Cooking, eating, including the preparation of foods is also a great experience.

From the base camp,
going to summit is just around 10 minutes climb.

Reaching the top is a great achievement.

The summit offers a 360 degrees view of the entire Laguna the Bay.


Going down after conquering Mount Tagapo

is a rewarding experience.

My first climb is a test of my body and mind.

I discovered my limits.
It bring out my worstThanks to my camaraderie for being with you in my first climb. Daryl, Kharlo, Francis, Dave, Sander and to the two ladies, Leona and Cielo ( I salute this ladies for their stamina)

Post Climb

Roosebelt _ Shaw Boulivard Bus                18.00
Shaw – Binangonan Jeep                40.00
Binangonan – Talim Island Boat                30.00
Sub Total  PHP.88.00
Times 2 ( Round Trip) PHP.176.00
Guide Fee( Contribution)                62.00
Registration Fee                20.00
Mineral Water                40.00
Food-Post Climb ( Contribution)                50.00
Baon, Ulam, Sardinas, Etc.(Estimate)             100.00

PHP. 448.00