Preserving the Past


The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery  (“Libingan sa Ilalim ng Lupa” in Filipino language)  is located on the boundary of Barangay Bambang, and Nagcarlan Proper , Province of  Laguna. Philippines.

The barque cemetery was built in 1845 and designed by a Franciscan priest, Fr. Vicente Bello as public burial site,  its underground crypt exclusively for Spanish friars, prominent people and elite member of  Catholic families residing in Nagcarlan.


   In August 1, 1973, The Underground Cemetery was declared as a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute and amended in June 11, 1978, It was closed and underwent  renovations before it was re-opened to the public during the unveiling of the marker in October 24, 1981. Since then, no burials are allowed in the cemetery.


The one hectare circular shape land area is surrounded by octagonal bricks walls with iron grills.


There are 240 apartment type niches, in the upper part, where each side contains 120 niches plus 36 in underground crypts a total of 276 niches in the whole area.



This chapel containing a statue of Santo Sepulcro, is serve as the last station of the funeral rites before entombment, where the priest give the last blessing to the dead.


The stairs lead downward  is located on the right side of the chapel.


The underground cemetery is 15 feet below where you can find the graveyard which contains 36 niches, arranged in four walls.


 In 1896 the underground crypt was used by the Filipino revolutionaries. During the Filipino-American War it was used as their shelter and during the World War II it was used as safe house of the Filipino guerrillas.


Tombs beneath the church. The oldest tomb had the date 1886.


The cemetery complex remained property of the Roman Catholic, Diocese of San Pablo City, supervised and managed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. The complex is used for some cultural, historical and religious celebration.

During All Souls Day the complex is look like other private memorial park, it was lighted, Relatives offered cabdles and flowers to their departed  love ones.


Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Entrance fee is free. Picture taking for personal use is allowed, but for commercial purposes it must be inform to shrine personnel Mam Cecil Sumague

Visiting the cemetery is not only to learn the past, but the scenery is awesome and beautiful.



 How to get there:

There are buses in Buendia bus terminal and in EDSA-Kamuning bound for Lucena City. Air-conditioned Bus fare Php 125-Php 135.00 .Get off to San Pablo -7-11 store. From there take a tricycle for Php.30.00 or just walk in the intersection of the national highway to a road going to town proper take a jeep for Php 8.50.  There a jeepney terminal near the San Pablo cathedral near the fire department, with a sign Liliw Nagcarlan.  Travel time around 45 minute. Transportation cost Php.25.00




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