A Natural Wonder in Unexpected  Place


Napinto Cave is situated on the foot of  dramatic rolling hills, of Sitio Caghaligue, Barangay Punta, San Narciso, Quezon Province, Philippines.


Napinto, is coming from the word ‘”pinto” means door or a gate, gives some questions in the mind of the visitors that cannot be answered  even by local because the lime stone formation  is more of a natural arch than a cave.

Napinto Cave,  maybe common with many other formation found in coastal areas, that there’s no written record and only the study of geology can give the  answer.


Geologist says that an arc or a cave are formed without specific process of formation along the coastal area due to the effect of the erosive power of wind and water of the sea.

The formation is created by erosion of the much softer rocks creating a caves and natural arches. By the hand of time,  the same forces that built this natural wonders especially natural arches, is the same forces, will continue destroy it  at any time until it eventually collapse without any warning.


The formation is reversible, both are appealing for photographer, either for professional and amateur, as well as for travelers and nature lovers…




. Visitors may stay at the small patch of white beach in the area and explore the nearby shallow cave.

Cave of Caghaligue


Few meter away from the rock formation there’s a cave called a cave of Caghaligue (not the name of the cave) , maybe  it was part of Caghaligue. According to our boatman, they believe that this cave is connected to the bicol area, passed under the sea. He also says that there are treasure obtained in the cave.

What he said might just hearsay, because according to him, no locals dared to enter the cave.


We try to peep, what is inside the cave, hoping to see some stalagmites and stalactites, but the bats got disturbed and  hovers from different directions.


Its better not to explore the cave to let those bats not to disturb in  their own sanctuary and hopefully they multiple more.

Bats are harmless to human. They actually perform a variety of useful services in our ecology. They pollinate flowers and many tropical plants species depend entirely on bats for the distribution of seeds. Economically they are also important, where 70% of bats consume insect, that reduce  the needs of pesticides.

View from the Cave



Inside the cave, is the beautiful view of the sea, facing Bicol region.

Going back to jump off (Barangay Punta)



On our way going to Napinto Cave , we’re just looking away, where our mind is committed to the rock formation. We never noticed the beauty under the sea, shimmering under the sunlight.

The sunlight give a brilliance to the clear shallow  amazing  transparent  sea water, clearly made visible what’s underneath



 The calm  water invites us to discover the hidden beauty beneath its seas



The corals reef may not be considered tremendous, because it was damaged in the previous seasons, but the reflection of the sunlight  in  shallow water made it stunning and deserves to thanks mother nature in her artworks


The LGU should take a necessary action and strict surveillance  against dynamite fishing, that according to the locals that there still some fisherman doing this methods of fishing…


Napinto Cave, and its surrounding is a natural paradise, that  is worth to   preserve and protect.


The locals/the barangay Punta

The hospitality of the locals are extremely friendly, not to mention that the time when we visit the place is their barangay fiesta. Nothing we can say, just , a very big thank for them, especially to their barangay captain. The hospitality is unequaled.

There are public toilet, bathroom and water source in the area, where you can rinse after swimming. You can also ask the barangay hall or just look for Kapitan Enteng, he will help you and let some of your belonging be kept safety in their house while you are enjoying your trip to Napinto Cave…

No restaurant, nor small carenderia in the place, just a small sari sari store, where your immediate need for the foods is limited to cold mineral water, soft drinks and ordinary bread and biscuit.

For those who want to stay overnight, there’s a place to pitch a tent, near the barangay hall and in their barangay plaza.


Getting there.

From the town of San Narciso, there are two option getting there. The first option is to take a boat from the town pier and travel straight to Napinto Cave, but sometimes boat is not available in this area. Minimum boat rental is Php. 1,000.00. The second option is ride a tricycle going to Barangay Punta, Fare per person is Php.40.00 to fill the tricycle it needs 5 persons. , or just rent the tricycle for Php. 200.00 From barangay Punta, minimum boat rental to Napinto is Php. 500.00 In barangay Punta, there’s a tricycle terminal located near the church and barangay hall, in-front of the church is a place you can found a boat for Napinto cave. For contact in barangay Punta, look for Kapitan Enteng Medilla, 0928-798-3959 and 0929-875-1982



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