Feeding and Playing with the Fish

Honda Bay serve as the  finale of our adventure in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines.
This is the second most visited, accessible, and the cheapest adventure in Puerto Princesa City.

Honda Bay offers the ultimate island hopping, beach bumming experiences, plus swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

This is the rewarding experience to its visitors from a long travel from Manila to Puerto Princesa City plus the 3 days  full pack itinerary of nature tripping of its wonderful sight such as, the new seven wonder of the world, The Puerto Princesa Underground River and  the City Tour which showcase  the historical and educational  places of  Puerto Princesa City.

Pandan Island is a great sailing destination.The water is so calm, and perfect for swimming and sun bathing.

But …wait, temporary forget everything!!!
From the white warm sand, pick your snorkeling mask and tube,
Run going to the sea shore and watch, school of fishes, look like welcoming its visitors by swarming around.
even on part of the water was just in waist line level.

The boat man and his assistant serves as our swimming and snorkeling guide.
Fish feeding was no longer allowed in the island, but somebody told us to put some bread  inside
a plastic and keep it in our pocket.

Explore what is more, beneath the crystal  blue green water
of the island…

When  we start giving  a piece of bread , it was a big surprised, a little bit scary there is a commotion  of fishes coming….
so  quick and fast  from different angle.

Fish is willing to hand-fed..they nip it at your hand.
its really amazing experience…

When I saw Albert of Akyat Aral Org.,  look like playing with the fishes, .
I feel discomfort with my vest…
Then I removed it…to feel free going deeper..

I was not a swimmer,  but I want to experience this wonderful moment in my time.

Mark and  Jeff of Soryasis did it too…

The wildlife beneath the water is so abundant, and friendly….
they like showing  their amazing performance.

Unexpected , the snorkeling in Pandan Island is really

Swimming in the  deeper part of the water, corals and assorted colorful fishes
are found in their best form.

After joining with the fishes and getting tired, its time to go back in the island.
Its time to eat lunch.We are served a fresh cached fish and delicious local foods. one foods i cant forget is a grilled eggplant, spread it with fresh coconut milk, it gives the balance in all the food we eat.

After eating , a little bit rest, its time to go back in the shore,  its another speed bump.
This is also the time to appreciate the beauty of the island…

Pandan Island,  alone,

Honda Bay tour, was considered complete…

The place surrounded by trees and native cottages, it echoes an undeniable rural appeal,
where you feel comfortable and relax..
The place savor the real beauty of nature.

Among the islands in Honda Bay,  Pandan  Island,  have a complete set amenities and other set of activities…
You can stay overnight to their cottages, You can enjoy Jet-ski, banana boat, kayaking, and others..
you can also enjoy massage … to get more daring in your adventure,  henna tattoo is available….

Honda Bay group of islands:

1.Pandan Island – A simple paradise in the group of Honda bay. Great site for snorkeling and diving.
2.Luli Island- A short term for Filipino word lulubog -lilitaw,  a small island visible at ebb tide and disappears under water during high tide..
3.Snake Island is a two kilometers zigzag sand bar shape like a snake. Walking till the end of the sand bar is exciting.
4. Star Fish Island. This island is popular for its fine white sand and clear water teems with star fish.
5. Other Islands.


Honda Bay was recognized as one of the best diving site in the Philippines.  located in Santa Lourdes Warf, Tagbanua, Puerto Princesa City.  About 20 to 30 minutes drive east of
Puerto Princesa City

This  is the most accessible, cheapest and has the most numbers of island to visit.   Aside from underground river , Honda Bay probably the second most visited place in the city, where there’s  great opportunity  to observe underwater life.

Getting Permit

The rapid success of Puerto Princesa Tourism Industry give a lot of time to wait for your turn. The new seven wonder of the world Puerto Princesa Underground River,presently is the crowd drawer, which requires advance booking before they accommodate visitors/tourists. Unlike the Under ground river, no need to get prior permit, just follow the line of  where you pay the environmental fee and boat permit. Fill up a form and write the name of the passengers. From the list of passenger they will asses the size of the boat needed for the group. After paying, they will give the name and number of the boat.

Then, the adventure begins…….

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