Discovering Pandan Island

  Pandan Island was discovered and the resort established in 1986 by a french adventure.
 This tropical island retreat has been voted time and a time again as one of the top resorts in the Philippines not in term of luxury but its for quality of life and its personalized atmosphere.

It hold a promise of perfect tropical island adventure.

The line up of the coconut trees along the strip of the shoreline, really made the island even more gorgeous.

The island facilities are all built in native materials like nipa hut, to enhance the laid back atmosphere.

Pandan Island is a best affordable destination.

Best place for relaxing and rejuvenate.

Another great place to go slow, a place that can enhance and create more memories of your life stories.

The island give the perfect ingredients for a perfect island experience.

Pandan Island (North) is the second best (next to Apo Reef) diving site in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.
Aside from a best island adventure, diving is the main attraction is the island, where  Dive Shop is available for renting diving gadgets as well gadget for snorkeling.
Snorkeling as the second alternative for scuba diving is highly recommended.
Pandan island is the home of giant turtles that made the island famous dive site in the country.

The enormous sea garden from the shallow water to the deep drop-offs on the north side of the island is really fantastic and great experience.
Colorful fishes, sea grasses  and corals formation is wonderful under water scenery.

Theres no electricity nor generator for electricity, no television, nor air conditioned room .
Only solar  system is available for a limited supply of electricity in the island.

Have a taste of life back to basic.
Pandan Island is a best get away to urban set up.

Summarized Description

Pandan Island is an island in the South China sea which lies off the coast of Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental in the Philippines. It features an unspoiled white sand beach and excellent dive sites, including the famous Apo reef. The island offers a vast stretch of beach with pristine white sand, much like the more famous Boracay Island. It has shallow, temperate waters which are good for swimming and snorkeling. Inland, the landscape consists of lush forest where can be found some rock formations, such as the Spanish Nose, named because it suggests human features. There is also a secluded lagoon.
There are many excellent dive sites around the island as Apo Reef, home to a variety of marine creatures, is found in its waters. There are also fascinating undersea caves and shipwrecks that may be explored by divers.
Getting there
The island is accessible by boat from Sablayan, Mindoro for about 20 to 30 minutes boat travel.. To get there from Manila, take a Batangas-bound bus. From the Batangas Pier, take a bus to Wawa Pier, then take a San Jose-bound bus which stops at Sablayan. The entire trip to the island from Manila takes about 11 hours. Or 40 minutes travel by plane from Manila to San Jose Mindoro, and 2 – 3 hours bus travel from Sn Jose to Sablayan Occidental Mindoro.

The island’s only resort, North Pandan Island Resort, provides rooms with their own bathrooms and some budget quarters with shared bathrooms. It has a bar which is lighted by solar power at night, but in the rest of the resort gas lamps are used. Filipino and French foods are served.
The main attraction is diving as it is the island nearest to Apo Reef. With 40 km of corals.There are also facilities for other sports at the resort, including sea kayaking, table tennis, and volleyball.