Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija

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Brief History

The construction of the Dam had great economic and social impact on the live of the Pantabangenos. More than 8,000 hectares of  productive farmland and the town center along with seven outlaying barangays was submerged into a new lake.

The Pantabangenos were relocated in a higher part of the town where they start a new lives all over again, where their future is uncertain. They left with no choice, instead a sacrifice for the interest of the national economic growth.


Pantabangan Dam is an earth-fill  embankment dam on the Pampanga River located in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija. The multi purpose dam provides water for irrigation for about 77,000hectares (190,000 acres) for agricultural land in Central Luzon ,and produces 112 megawatts of hydroelectric power, while its reservoir affords flood control.

The reservoir is claimed as the second largest  dam in Asia, and the cleanest in  the Philippines.

Built along the Pampanga  River in 1974  by Filipino engineers and now as one of the most visited tourist spots in the province.


The main gate of the dam is a sight to behold,  it offers a scenic view of the surrounding area where tourist are allowed for sight seeing.

There are viewing deck and ample space for parking . The parking is shaded by trees, very serene where you can rest and relax.



Getting inside the complex, there’s a gate, where you need to register. There are some rules and regulation needs to be observed , like cutting of trees, and other activities that caused soil erosion and sedimentation is stricktly prohibited. Throwing of garbage, bringing animals and any activities that cause any contamination of the water in reservoir is also strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

Entrance is free, but advisable to have your own car or rent a tricycle in the town proper, there’s no regular transportation getting inside the complex. From the main highway/road of Panatanbagan it takes 20 minutes travel.


 Getting into the body of water, is 30 minutes travel ,   where you need to go back to the town proper and proceed to another barangay to reach the lake.



 The body of water is   another awesome spots


 The locals and other visitors used the lake for refreshing by swimming, unfortunately there’s no trees nor cottages around the lake. Morning and afternoon is best time to visit, where you feel the cold wind blowing from the lake and the beautiful sunset made the lake more scenic …


 There are motorized boat for rent use for bass fishing. Fishes available are Carps, Snake Murrells, Tilapia and Large Mouth Bass. Bass fishing is usually made in the morning, where catch and release method is encourage for the conservation of the fish around the lake.


 Every 28 of April  there is a Pandawan festival, showcasing their local talents, where tourist are coming especially the water sport enthusiast for jetskiing, boat riding and game fishing.


(Photo Credit  Ginto ang Inaani)

Tourist Destination in Nueva Ecija


  • Minalungao National Park
  • Dupinga River
  • General Luna Falls
  • Mount Olivete
  • Gabaldon Falls
  • Capintalan
  • Bibbin Falls
  • Burburayok Spring
  • Hot Spring of Rizal
  • Pajunutic Falls
  • Palasapas Falls


  • Historical House of General EmilioAguinaldo
  • Camp Pangatian Shrine
  • San Isidro Town (first Cry of Nueva Ecija)
  • Dalton Pass

Special Interest

  • Gross Ostrich Farm 
  • Philippine Carabao Center
  • Pantabangan Dam
  • Philippine Rice research Institute
  • Hunter Valley Plantation and Resort
  • Pangatian Concentration Camp
  • Diamond Park
  • Agricultural Museum
  • Fort Magsaysay
  • Food and Vegetable Seeds Center
  • Living Fish Museum
  • Rubber Dam


  • Sibuyas Festivals
  • Taong Putik Festival
  • Pandawan Festival
  • Gatas ng Kalabaw Festival
  • Araquio of Penaranda
  • Longanisa Festival
  • Baybayanting Festival
  • Pagibang DAmara Festival
  • Ragrasak ti Guimba Festival
  • Kariton Festival
  • Kapagayaan Festival

How to get there

By Public Transport

There are numbers of bus company  bound for Cabanatuan, like Baliwag Transit, Five Star, and ES Bus along EDSA near Cubao, Get off in Cabanatuan Central Terminal then transfer to a jeep bound to Pantabangan. Or a Genisis Bus from Cubao, or Pasay going Baler, get off in Pantabangan town proper.

By own car

Option 1, Take the North Luzon Express way, then exit in Sta Rita Toll Gate then proceed to the Cagayan VAlley Road, upon reaching Cabanatuan it mean that you are around 30 minutes away to Pinagpanaan where you need to turn right bond to Pantabangan.

Option 2, Take the NLEX, exit at Dau, then enter SCTEX and exit at La Paz (last toll plaza of SCTEX). Turn right towards Zaragosa (opposite direction of Tarlac) until Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija. Turn left at the intersection of Sta. Rosa towards direction of Cabanatuan. Turn right towards Bongabon. Watch for the road sign to Pantabangan Dam.


Travel Time:

Travel Time from Manila is about 4 hours.


Pandawan Festival
Duon po sa Amin Ginto ang Ina ani