A Relaxing Paradise


Located  in Rodriguez I Street, Dampalit, Malabon City (Metro Manila)
(In-front of Dampalit Elementary School -Main)


Pipoy Fishing Village and Restaurant is a fresh water fishing village,  few kilometers away from the metro, is a perfect paradise for relaxation.


The fishing village may not be a great destination but definitely one of the must to visit in Malabon. This may not be luxurious  but certainly a comfortable place to stay and affordable.


The  fishing village with nipa hut houses  gives a laid back environment.


The serenity of the village  is a right place to recharge from every day stressful life.



Photo Credit: Pipoy’s Fishing Village and Restaurant 

Best time to visit is anytime of the day, but for those who to love watch the sunset, its best to visit on the late afternoon.



There are 3 sizes of bamboo shed, all are clean and well maintained by the friendly personnel.

Whole day rates are Php.1,200.00, 1,000.00 and 600.00 , half day is half the price.


Catching fish may be considered as doing nothing or maybe boring but the concentration and patience to wait the fish fish bite with the bait is an awesome experience.



The common fish catches in the fishing village are Bangus (Milk Fish)  and Tilapia (Chichid an African fresh water fish)

Catched fish charged Php. 90.00 per kilo, paluto charged Php. 100.00  per dishes minimum of 1 kilo.


Masa or fish bait sold at Php. 20.00 per small ball. Masa is made of flour and or bread, used as bait for the fish.


To added twist, there is boat that use around the fishing  village at Php. 400.00 good for 8 persons


Photo Credit:  Umagang Kay Ganda Official Page

Pipoy’s serve a full menu of Filipino dishes at a very reasonable price and it considered delicious.

For Pipoy’s  complete list of menu and prices click HERE  

Contact Numbers:


Photo Credit: Pipoy’s Fishing Village and Restaurant 

 Fishing stat at 8:00 in the morning. Restaurant open at 10:00 am and closed at 10:00pm on regular days, 12:00 mid-night  during weekends and holidays.

How to get there?



Photo Credit: Pipoy’s Fishing Village and Restaurant 

By Public Transport

From Malabon Bayan (Malabon town proper) take a jeep going to Hulo (minimum jeep fare only). From Hulo take a tricycle going to Dampalit, tricycle Php.10.00 pesos per head or a minimum of Php. 30.00 per ride.

By own car

From Caloocan City (Munumento) Pipoy’s there are some alternative routes, for less than 30 minutes travel without traffic.  Via General Luna its was around 7.5 kilometer, via M.H. del Pilar the distance is 9.5 kilometers, and via Sioson Pipoy’s is 7.9 kilometer.

Dampalit is a prominent place in Malabon, just ask the locals and they easily give the direction.