Experience The Art of Doing Nothing

PotipotIsland is truly gem of Zambales, a small and unhurried island, with not much to do, just relax, enjoy the scenery of the beach. It is not popular destination  because it remain undeveloped.

The island endowed with natural beauty, remain unspoiled, from urban lifestyle and commercial tourism. But the island is not remote.

A perfect place for wanderer and nature loving  people, who seek ultimate freedom, independence and spirited travel adventure.

From the bustling cities, an ultimate  destination to immerse yourself on the beauty of scenery with peacefulness in your inner self. The quiet and serene surrounding, a less populated haven, make it a complete healing therapy.

Potipot is surround with white sand and clear calm water, filled with trees that provide a shade to all visitors. Ideal location for lazy beach holiday.

Great  place where you can enjoy “the art of doing nothing”.

Life in the city is always busy. Time is gold. Time is so precious. Doing nothing, maybe waste of time. But sometimes, we need time and space to empty our brain.

The etymology of the word vacation, from the root word  is VAC, which comes from the Latin word VOCARE means, to be empty, vacant or idle. In French and British it means freedom from the job or time off from the work.

Doing nothing, experience some greatest revelation about life, the world in all its glory. It maximizes the potential for personal reflection.

Being busy, means no time for silence, but, we need break, we need space, we need to resist the pressure…

With complete freedom, you can define things directly…… Doing nothing, can deeper certain experience, your hearth and soul will be at peace and at one with nature.

Empty your mind, to find new room for something new. It really amazing, when we give time our mind to think nothing.

Doing nothing gives a lot of time to meditate  and find yourself. Learn to discover of resourcefulness of your own mind as well as the courage to be vulnerable.. To be more strong, matured and transformed… To have more courage to examine own limits and assumption.

Doing nothing, not mean you will not move, nor talk. doing nothing is like doing something which is irrelevant from day to day routine
of your life.
“One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you’re just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing”. —Werner Erhard—

Potipot is unspoiled haven, the ultimate destination that excels in blissful, peace, quiet and total relaxation. Undeniable the place echoes a rural appeal and you just close of that just by walking around.

Touring around the lonely and beautiful paradise of Potipot Island took 30 minutes, but have a lot of nice spot for photo ops

The beach was truly picture perfect, the sand, the beach and  the trees as well as the sunset..

The place offers more than what you want to see, that reminds you that every moment would be a revelation of your life story.

There’s a lot of place where you can choose  to stay. A place filled with trees or an empty big space where you can play.

Potipot Island is small private-owned island off the coast of Zambales. Maintained by caretaker only with few people who maintained the cleanliness of the place.

The island is not for the party people,  elite and luxurious travel trip. It doesn’t have resort, no electricity, no bar and restaurant nor store where you can buy something you need.

No services available.

Be sure you have enough food as well as drinking water when you visit Potipot.

Upon arrival, nobody will assist you, instead, you have to find place where you or your group want to stay.

Potipot is perfect for the people or groups who own tent and hammocks, There are also some cottage for rent at PHP 500.00 overnight, and table for rent at PHP 100.00, free when you stay overnight. Boat PHP 400.00 round trip  for 6 persons.

Cooking even in the dark of the night is great experience .

Being on the island and experience its beauty is more than just discovery, its rewarding experience.

The island is not advisable to visit during height summer.. The place get jam packed by local tourist.

Potipot is small but terrible..

How to get there:

Uacon Candelaria, is about 240 kilometers from Manila.

By Bus

Ride a Victory Liner Bus going to Santa Cruz Zambales. Terminal is located in Caloocan City/Munumento, near LRT Station. Get off Uacon Candelaria.

By your own car

From Balintawak in Quezon City, take the North Expressway (NLEX), exit at SCTEX, there is a sign going to Subic, enter SBMA and exit at the Kalaklan Gate. Go straight to the town of Castillejos, until San Narciso Junction, then turn right at the Junction to enter the town proper then pass by the towns of San Felipe, Cabagan, Iba, then Masinloc going to Candelaria. Use the road intead of going to town proper. Along the national road you see the signs of Potipot Island Gateway, like Dawal, Sunbloom, and other resorts of Uacon.
Check in to any resorts available, and ask them to take you in Potipot.