We run with different views in life as an individual. We run  to stay fit or we did it to improve our health and well being. Running  help us live longer by preventing the risk of heart decease, cancer and neurological diseases.  Running makes us smarter, happy, our sleeping habits improved,  it gives us mental fortitude, a less visit to doctors. . Running makes new friends, improve self esteem, build stronger bone, turn down the pressure, keep us sexy,  and many other reasons.


This time lets unite and run to help save a  baby’s life. Stevie Arghie Garcia know as “ Baby Tibay” diagnosed by a rare and fatal decease called Biliary  Atresia, a condition that only liver transplant  can save his  life.

Life is very difficult  with critically ill children.  There’s no vacation for illness, as a parent of Baby Tibay, they don’t have break for sadness as they feel and witness in every minutes of the day that their child is in sick and in pain.

The baby’s  parent is  an ordinary   people whose earning is enough to have a simple family living . but they will not give up for baby Tibay to survive. Baby Tibay may have illness but still an Angel in their eyes. He is a blessing, the parents know that they will overcome this challenges in their life. whatever happened is a part of the test of their faith in God.

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All runners are invited  to unite on April 9, 2017, to be a part of the meaningful journey of Baby Tibay.

Runners with previous schedule before this events and to all non runners who are interested to help Baby Tibay you can still be a part of of this event by giving any  amount of  cash donation.


For queries and other information, please feel free to contact:

 Mobile Number 0926-7852031

Facebook Account: MaTibay Miles 


For Cash Donation:

BDO Account Number: 0057 6033 3241

Metro Bank Account Number : 1333 1334 5679 2

Account Name: Arghie Boi Garcia


For Interested Runners to run, please check the details below.





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A Charity Project

In cooperation with Pinoy Aspiring Runners (PAR)