Sagada is a fifth class municipality, and one of the ten municipality of Mountain Province in Cordellera Region, Northern Philippines.

Sagada – One of the most beautiful place in the Philippines.
If you want to commune with nature, it provides an endless expanse of mountain range, a foggy clean and cold air to breath. A limestone cliff, water falls and numerous caves. A peaceful heaven, for those who seek, peaceful, quiet and beautiful restful place.

Sagada a magical place ….
 indeed one of the Philippines BEST KEPT SECRET

It was hailed as the Eight Wonders of the World, The five Rice Terraces cluster inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage list under Rice Terraces of the Philippines, namely; Banga-an Rice Terraces, Hunduan Rice Terraces, Mayuyao Rice Terraces, Nagacadan and The famous Banaue Rice Terraces.
This are all scattered around Cordellera Region, as a unique architectural masterpiece with its origin can be traced back thousand years ago by our ancient Igorot, to maximize the space of farming.
This is built in advance engineering techniques and skill to prevent soil erosion, by piling out of small rocks to create strong foundation of the rice field. This is the proof that our brother Igorot hardworking and creativity, leads a great value of tourism in the country

Road Trip to Sagada

Manila – Banaue takes eight hours of travel.
Banaue ( Ifugao Province) – Sagada ( Mountain Province) takes three hours.
The road way to Sagada is already a travel adventure
We opt to ride at the top of the jeep
The top serve as viewing deck to witness the whole area of the Cordellera mountain range, Cordellera is the country highest most accessible mountain range.
Some of the road are rough and narrow, a little bit scary especially when looking down about a hundreds feet.along the zigzag road, but the road actually add to excitement, especially when you feel the cold foggy wind.
Stopping at some points along the way
Breathtaking road trip view
The u-turn zigzag road, really good and fantastic
During rainy days, be aware that heavy rain can cause landslide and muddy condition, that make the road impassable.
Better to travel during dry season.
The long travel capture my traveler soul

Banga-an RiceTerraces


The trek is equally wonderful experience, it started at the top. It is mostly downhill trekking. Although there are some rough step, it is surprisingly cemented pathway that made easier for us.
Going back, expect the trek more tiring and exhausting, since most of the trail is up hill. Taking souvenir photos serve as a stopped to make a little rest in trekking.
The one way trek, took about an hour.
Behind all of this was worth all the effort, because of the wonderful view of the mountains rice terraces is really wonderful.

Bomod-ok Fall ( Big Falls)

Bomod-ok Falls – The final destination of a long, tiring and challenging trek from Banga-an Rice Terraces.
Countless of travelers, visit and admire the 200 feet tall waterfalls, as it splashes down on the cold pool below.
Every body is compensated by the beautiful scenery.

Kiltepan View Point

A Treasured Spot!

Is a must see place. The highest point offers cool temperature and great panoramic view of mountain ranges within Sagada.
The group woke up at around 4:00 am, for the preparation and travel going to Kiltepan View Point, to be there while the sky is dark and find good spot at the view deck.
At that time, we are above the cloud, when the first rays of sun show up. We have the chance to catch up an inspiring sunrise.
This is the first time in my life in this world that I appreciated the sunrise.
My Camera is not sophisticated or expensive one.
I’m just using a U-Though Model Olympus camera but the result is really amazing.
This photos, I will cherish for the rest of my life, my first experience about sunrise.
After the sun rises, from top of the hill you will able to see the limestone hill artistically sculptured by the forces of nature.

Cave Connection

A wonderful spelunking experience underneath in a network of lime stone cave.
Spelunking- (definition) is the exploration of caves for recreation purposes, or just for fun
Spelunking requires stamina, endurance and good health, For any person professional or non professional as long have the passion of adventure can certainly take its
Sumaguing Cave is the most visited and most popular site in Sagada, because of awesome and wonderful stalactites and stalagmites
Lumiang Cave is reserve for more daring and trill seeker adventurer. Spelunking here is more harder than Sumaguing Cave
After short briefing from the tour guide, we started trekking, going down to our entry point- The Lumiang Cave.
Trekking down is full of excitement,
Overlooking the main entrance of Lumiang Cave
Lumiang cave is sacred ground for the natives of Sagada, where ancient pine wood coffins are piled one on the top to another, since centuries back. This is an old tradition of ancient Igorots.
After discussing some historical event regarding the
ancient form of burial , the guides lit their light and start our spelunking.

(The no turning back cave connection!! )
The cave is a dark cave, part of the Philippines deep cave system.
There’s a big opening in the cave
but inside it will leads you to narrow
and difficult trail.
There are many vertical climb, going down.
A lot of small and narrow passage, just enough to fit one person only.
Lumiang definitely an extreme experience, the long spelunking is a test of endurance, flexibility, courage and survival instinct
One slip is catastrophic, there’s no soft landing, just a rock, a big big rocks
Another small passage, that I refuse to proceed when I feel that my chest is not fit to enter the small passage.
Vertical climb that used by ropes or sometimes, we used our guides as human step stool or as HUMAN LADDER
A life threatening adventure!!!
No its not!!!
The tour guide are well trained and certified tour guide under the supervision of
SAGGAS – Sagada Genuine Guides Association, just listen and follow your guides instruction, because they know the proper place you need to step your feet, the position of your arms, even the right position of your body.
( Just trust your guide)
Upon reaching the big chamber, a cathedral like, it mean the we reached the halfway point between Lumiang and Sumaguing.
              We took a break, while waiting from others.
Then, proceed again….spelunking
About half of the adventure, no one are complaining, everybody are full of smile, excitement of what more to view going through

The world best selling Travel Guide Publication, LONELY PLANET listed

Sumaguing Cave as one of the best ADVENTURE TRAVEL DESTINATION in the world for the year 2009
This stage of adventure, required to be barefooted.
Awesome rock formation are carefully sculptured by nature itself.

This formation are given different names according to on their forms like, Queen of the Cave, King Curtain, Turtle, Rice Terraces, Mocha Cake, and many more.

Sumaguing is a multi-chamber cave. , the most popular, the most wonderful, breathtaking cave because of the wonderful stalactites and stalagmites.Most visited for professional and non professional spelunkers.
Flowing of cold water is abundant.
Majestic sculpture
Stalagmites and Stalactites is formed by mineralized water over thousands years ago.
Walking to waist deep water and used rope to make a way through different part of the caves opening is really a such rewarding experience.
Being an stranger to each other at the start of the travel……………
But ..having the same interest in traveling………
Sharing the same adventure………….
Striving to overcome the big test……
Together appreciating the beauty of real nature…..
A new relationship grows among the hearth of everyone….
The relationship of being a brother and a sister to each one of us..
YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PLEASURE, if you do not pass this.. HARDSHIP.
Reaching the last chamber of the cave
After more than 5 hours spelunking inside
Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves,
Then the light shows up, mean the sense of achievement at the end is amazing..
Then i whispered to my self ……….
I Survived!!!!

Walking Tour – informative walk through nature and history

( Saint Mary Episcopal Church, Calvary Hills, Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins and others)
Episcopal Church is a protestant church. Sagada has become the only Philippines town that is predominantly protestant with almost 95% is baptized into Episcopal Church
Echo Valley
Echo Valley is a must for every first timer, Just located at the back of Sagada Cemetery.
The Valley is decorated with lot of pine trees and lust of green grasses .
Echo Valley was named as such because of the echo if somebody is shouting.
Facing across the valley is the famous hanging coffins
Facing across the valley is you will see the famous hanging coffins.
To come close to the coffins, you need to trek going down the valley
Hanging Coffins
Hanging Coffins is the most fascinating sight in Sagada.
The coffins were hanged as part of ancient Igorot cultural customs and tradition of burying their dead,. This practice is done more than 2000 years ago.
Not every one is qualified to be buried in this way, one had to be married and have grand children.
Sagada acknowledged haven and paradise found for back packer and adventure seeker.
This really a real gem of adventure and unforgettable experience of a life time
 A rewarding experience
I proud of my self.

An Intelligent Travel
Next time you are planning a vacation, try to considered Sagada, which is guaranteed to be a cultural experience and adventure like no others………
Sagada is a place to be…….
Sagada is a place for you………….
Sagada is great experience of the life time………..