The Mystique Island

The place of  black magic and sorcery!? ….
That either both, attract visitors and or keep away from the island.

Since the olden times people believe that the Island of Siquijor is a mystique because of the presence of  the folk healers and their practices of of spiritualism and up to these days people not only in the Philippines but other nationalities around the globe, still come to witness the preparation of the brews and really try  the medicinal powers of the herbs, from health problems to the potions for love and favor.

Siquijor is located in Central Visayas region, is the third smallest province in the Philippines.

It was discovered in expedition in 1565, it was known to the Spaniard as Isla de Fuego or “Island of Fire”

for the island was literally lit by fireflies at night swarming around the branches of molave trees.

The first parish was establish  in 1783,

Siquijor is the home of the biggest and one of the oldest convent of the Philippines.

The circumference of the island is about 80 kilometers, most of the resident believe in Christianity.

Above all, the main assets of Siquijor Island is the peacefulness of life, their friendly smiling people, and their genuine hospitality that make every visitors stay delightful and unforgettable. The natural beauty of the island provides special touch that makes Siquijor uniqueness far different from the country’s tourist destination…

Siquijor’s distinctive natural marine attractions rangers from dive sites, rich in marine life and extensive mangroves to white sandy beaches and bays. Natural inland attractions includes waterfalls, flowing springs, tree parks and caves (most of which are still unexplored)

Marine Sanctuaries

By virtue of proclamation No. 1810 the whole island of Siquijor was declared  a marine reserve and tourist zone in 1978.Under water attractions are excellent for diving enthusiasts.


Approximately there are over 45 caves identified throughout the island, the most famous is Cantabon Cave, that contains huge chambers with abundant deposits of stalagmites and stalactites and subterranean stream.

Cantabon Cave

The long and winding and difficult trek to the cave’s end is both a challenge and a delight to every spelunker . It takes an hour  and  a half to negotiate the trail, wading through little streams and dodging stalactites and stalagmites that abound the cavern.  A dip in  the pool at the end of the cave provides acool respite.

Guide Fee: first 3 person PHP. 500.00

additional person PHP 100.00

Entrance Fee : Filipino PHP.10.00, Foreigner PHP. 20.00

Helmet and Head lamp PHP. 50.00


Springs and Water Falls

Include the Capilay Spring Park and Cambuhagnay Falls, with series of low-level waterfalls and decending cool pools of water.

Cambugahay Falls 

Visitors may choose from either a river or forest trek to get the water falls.

Secluded and relatively unexplored.

Entrance Fee: FREE

Capilay Spring Park

A natural spring-fed swimming pool, situated at the heart of of the town plaza where local people converge leisurely during weekends for swim in the cold water of  the spring or simply sit under the shades of tree in the park.

Entrance fee and swimming : FREE 

Natural Parks and Forests

Includes Bandilaan Natural Park, Syquijor highest peak, located at the center of the island. Bulalakaw Forest Reservation in San Juan is one of the island remaining virgin forest with caves and small springs. It is the habitat of several endangeres plants and animals species.

Bandialaan Moutain View Park

Located at the highest peak of Siquijor island. The park is the venue for the healing festival done every holy week

Entrance Fee: FREE 

White Sand Beaches

The island is dotted with more than 50 beautiful white sand beaches. There are kilometers of beaches and bays. some of these are developed into resorts 

Some of the beaches and resort in Siquijor Island

Villa Marmarine Dive Center

Extreme kindness, friendly Filipino service and Japanese (owner) hospitality become word of mouth of the visitors that makes the resort famous.

Room Rate: PHP 1,100.00 – PHP 1, 700.00

Extra person PHP 200.00

Infinity Heights Resorts 

is the first hill side resort in Siquijor. The Infinity swimming pool is the center piece of  the resort with outstanding panoramic ocean view.

Room rate: PHP 3,500.00, etra person PHP 450.00

Entrance for visitors PHP. 50.00 consumable

Casa dele Palya

A charming and comportable beache houses directly on the beach, overlooking the ocean, one of the most enchanting and romantic beach resort.

Room RAte: PHP 1,100.00 – PHP.1,900.00 good for 2 persons, extra person PHP. 350.00

Salagdoong Beach Resort and Agripino Hotel

Goverment owned resort, is one of the island most frequented beaches which boast of crystal-clear water, powdery white sand, high rock formations and favorable diving spots.

Lines of dense molave trees ushers every visitors to the intramural breadth of the beach.

Room rate PHP 800.00 -PHP.1,500.00 good for 2 persons

Extra bed PHP. 200.00

Extra person PHP. 100.00

Princess Bulakna Resort

From the word flower(Visaya Bulak)  a flowered cover hillside that slopes down to be a stunning beach and marine sanctuary. 

Entrance Fee; PHP 50.00

Room Rate PHP.950.00 -PHP.2,900.00

Last Frontier Dive

Diving specialist for Siquijor, Apo Island, BAlincasag and Su,ilon Island. They do undewr water guide and all level of  dive course.

Kawayan Holiday Resort

Unique view of the sea towards the sunset,  perfect rock formation, surrounded by turquoise water.

Entrance Fee :

Room Rate: PHP. 6,100.00 – PHP 7,600.00


More Attractions

Encahnted Balete Tree

The tree is a centuries old or believed to be the 400 years old. Because of its eerie outline created by hundreds of roots and vines hanging down, the tree is believed to be enchanted. The tree is not only a site to behold, but also provides water to its residence.

Entrance Fee: FREE

Guiwanon Spring Park

A resort of wooden bridges and nesting nipa huts above the ripples of shallow waters that feed the fertile ground of mangroves  which is a sanctuary of various marine habitats.

Entrance Fee :  PHP.10.00,  Children PHP. 5.00

Cottages : PHP 250.00

Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

Entrance Fee : FREE

Island Butterfly Garden


Expensive entrance fee PHP. 100.00 compare to Puerto Princesa City entrance fee for only PHP. 20.00

Syquijor Island Sea Shell Museum

Entrance Fee: FREE


Cang Isok Old House 

Devastated last December 2012, by typoon Pablo..

Larena Triad Coffe Shop

Entrance Fee 20.00

If you order anything like ice cream cost PHP 25.00, entrance fee is waived.

Rooms, Hotels and Accommodation

Varies in different rates, and on  travelers budget…

Tumanak Lodge

Five minutes walk from Siqujor port

Room good for 2 persons, PHP 120.00 per person.

Dastraum Guest House

Room good for 2.

Getting Around the Island

Getting around the island is not a problem or complicated.

It also depend on your bargaining skills.

1.Habal Habal ( Single Motorcycle)- PHP. 800.00 for  24 hours

2.Tricycles or motorcycles with side cars.- good for 3 persons PHP 800.00 – PHP 1,000.00 per day.

3.EZ RidesCSmall Multi Cab)

4. Van -PHP 2,000.0 – 2,500.00 per day


Motorcycle or tricycle are the most recommended especially for for small group. there is hourly, and daily rates.


How to get there:


From Manila

 Air Philippines Express( and Cebu Pacific Airlines ( have  a tota l of five daily flghts schedule between Manila and Dumaguete. Both airlines operate with modern Airbus aircraft.


From Dumaguete 

There are various ferries operating Dumaguete – Siquijor

1. Ocean Jet

High speed ferry, travel time approximately 45 minutes

2. Delta

High speed ferry, travel time approximately 45 -60  minutes

3.Montenegro Lines

Cargo “roll on-roll off, travel time approximately 2 hours

4. Charter light aircraft

Travel time, 10 minutes


From Cebu

1.Ocean Jet via Tagbilaran, Bohol

Travel time approximately 4.5 hours

2. Cebu Pacific (Cebu -Dumaguete

Travel time approximately 20-30 minutes



Siquijor Provincial Goverment